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March 2015:

I’m asked about this from time to time so I thought I’d jot it down. These are the apps I currently have on my Nexus 7 2012 edition. I like to keep things to a minimum but I’m always on the look out for replacements so feel free to comment.

Amazon Kindle (For ebooks)

AndroidIRC (Still use IRC from time to time)

Automatit Pro (Automate tasks on your device)

Battery Charging Source and Current (To make sure the device is charging when I plug it in)

Breaking News

Busybox on Rails

Google Calendar

CBS 8 (Mostly for alerts of local events)

Chrome (Google’s browser)

Chromecast (For casting things to the TV)

CloudMagic (Let’s me get to my Exchange email)

Do Note (From the folks at IFTTT. Fast becoming my new favorite app)

Google Drive (For transferring files between the device and my PC)

FBPortable (Not on Google Play.Just the mobile version of Facebook in app form. All I really need)

FBReader (and plugins for TTS and PDF)

Google+ (Not a ghost town)


Google Inbox (Not everyone likes this but it is my preferred Gmail interface on the tablet)

InBrowser (Like Chrome’s Incognito mode)

Instagram (Not for taking pictures but for scrolling through what my friends are posting)

Google Keep (For quick notes)

LastPass (For managing passwords on all my devices and computers)

Google Maps

My Media Center (For Windows Media Center)


Nook (In case I have books in this DRM format)


OpenVPN Connect (For connecting to OpenVPN)

Google Play Books

Google Play Music

Google Play Movies


Pushbullet (Nice way to send links between devices)

Root Browser

Simplenote (Markdown compatible notes that sync across devices)

SpeedRead (From Spritz. Handy but an acquired taste)

Tapatalk (For XDA and other forums)

Titanium Backup Pro (Backup all your apps and data)

Todoist (Great cross-device ToDo manager)


TWRP Manager (For recovery mode functions)