Tech News – March 21st 2012 to March 22nd 2012

Tech news – March 21st 2012 to March 22nd 2012:

  • TweetDeck Updated: Lists, Activity, Media and more – The TweetDeck Blog
    Cross-posted on the Twitter blog .   Today, we’re releasing a new version of TweetDeck. This update introduces some great new features as well as a host of smaller improvements and bug fixes. Check out this video for a quick tour of the updates, and read on for more information.  List Management You
  • mycharity: water
    Today is World Water Day. 1 in 8 people in the world live without access to clean, safe drinking water. Help them by pledging to give up your next birthday for charity: water and ask for donations for clean water instead of gifts.
  • Is Pinterest the next Facebook? – Fortune Tech
    – Jessi Hempel, writer
    An exclusive look inside CEO Ben Silbermann’s social media sensation.
    FORTUNE — Ben Silbermann can’t stop staring at the refrigerators. The Pinterest co-founder and CEO and I are standing in the break room of his company’s garage-size Palo Alto office. He’s just flown back from Austin’s SXSW interactive festival, and a redesign of his website is two days away. It’s all a little overwhelming. But at this moment his full attention is focused on three glowing refrigerators. Sometime during his b…  show all text
  • Amazon, Eucalyptus team up for just don’t call it a hybrid cloud — Cloud Computing News
    – Om Malik
    On paper it looks like one of those strategic agreements that large companies sign with small startups. But if you look close enough, you will find that by forging a partnership with information as a service (IaaS) provider, Eucalyptus Systems,’s web services division is making a masterful move to dominate the cloud market. As part of the agreement, Amazon will allow Eucalyptus to use Amazon’s API to connect Amazon cloud services with the private clouds set up by large companies.
    From  show all text
  • Fish: a tap essay
  • Zynga Just Bought OMGPOP for $200 Million – Peter Kafka – News – AllThingsD
    – Peter Kafka
    Looks like OMGPOP, the company behind the overnight sensation Draw Something, will end up at Zynga, after all. The game maker had been talking to several suitors over the last few weeks. But as TechCrunch reported earlier, it has been in serious discussions with Mark Pincus and company for the past few days.
    Now Zynga has scheduled a call for a “news announcement” for 3 pm ET. I’m going to go out on a short limb and assume it’s to formally acknowledge that they have bought the company.
    My sourc…  show all text
  • Google Analytics Launches New Social Reports To Measure Social ROI
    – Daniel Waisberg
    Google Analytics has announced new social reports today, designed to help marketers measure the return on investment for social media activities. “Many social measurement tools focus on social listening by monitoring keywords and buzz. While they’re helpful in many cases, these tools don’t… Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • Happy 6th Birthday, Twitter!
    – Stan Schroeder
    On March 21, 2006, Jack Dorsey tweeted the first ever tweet on Twitter.
    The sheer fact that you can understand that sentence shows you how far Twitter has gone since then. It has become the de facto short message system of the internet and the favorite social networking service of celebrities all around the world.
    And, with over 500 million users, it is the largest one-to-many open communication platform on the web.
    However, the service’s beginnings were modest. The service started out as an of…  show all text
  • Consumer Reports Recommends New iPad As Your Next Home Grill | TechCrunch
    – MG Siegler
    Attention George Foreman: report to an Apple Store near you immediately. There’s a hot (literally) product, you simply must buy the entire inventory of to keep your grilling empire alive: the new iPad.
    Or at least, that’s what the latest nonsense from Consumer Reports would have you believe.
    We’ve seen this ridiculousness from Consumer Reports before. In June 2010, at the height of “Antennagate”, Consumer Reports figured out the art of click-bait. If you say something outlandish, even if it dir…  show all text
  • Help! I’m Being Forced To Pirate Game Of Thrones Against My Will! | PandoDaily
    – MG Siegler
    Today is the first day of spring. Which is weird. Because winter is coming.
    At least for some big media companies, that is.
    Here’s my situation: I recently started watching the HBO series “Game of Thrones” (based on the George R.R. Martin “A Song of Ice and Fire” series of novels). It’s fantastic. I’m addicted. My girlfriend and I watched the entire first season in three days. It seemed like perfect timing, because season two is about to start on April 1.
    One problem: I won’t be able to watch it  show all text

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