For various reasons I recently needed to do a fresh install of Windows 7 on my Home Theater PC. It isn’t a hard process these days but you can save yourself a ton of frustration if you follow a step by step procedure. This includes the non-intuitive steps of installing a couple hot-fixes before you actually perform any updates to the OS.
During the install I kept notes over on my wiki page. I would have posted them all here but that page is easier to modify and leave this one here as a sign post.

I used to have an HP that would shut off on me without warning so I developed these power settings adjustments. They seem to work well on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

  • From Start screen search for Power Options
  • Start with Balanced energy plan
  • Click change advanced power settings
  • Under Processor power management change Maximum Power State to 95% on battery. Note: My current laptop doesn’t have a fan so I set System Cooling Policy to passive for both battery and plugged in.
  • Under Display turn off adaptive brightness for both battery and plugged in
  • Under battery: Set critical battery action to Sleep for both.
  • Under battery: Set low battery level to 30% for both
  • Under battery: Set critical battery level to 12% for both
  • Under battery set Low battery notification to On for both
  • Under battery set Reserve battery level to 15% for both

Your mileage may vary but these are working well for me.