Cross-posting from Instagram to Twitter has been awful for over 3 years. Your pictures used to show up as an image on Twitter but then Instagram (owned by Facebook) had to go and brake that. Doing so really hurt the experience for the Twitter follower. Consider this Tweet:

See? No image. To see my picture, my followers have to follow the link, leaving Twitter. On mobile it is even worse and much slower.

Now consider this tweet:

Much better, right? A native Twitter picture and no silly linking out to an external site. Let’s get this functionality back!

To do this, in addition to an account on Instagram and Twitter that you already have, you will also need to set up a free account on the IFTTT service. IFTTT stands for If This, Then That and it can help you automate tons of things beyond this simple task.

Once you have your IFTTT account set up, you will need to activate your Twitter and Instagram “channels.” This is basically telling IFTTT how to connect to your Twitter and Instagram accounts and allows the cross posting. You simply click on Channels and search for Twitter and activate it then Instagram and activate that. Here are direct links to the channels to save you searching around:
Twitter IFTTT Channel
Instagram IFTTT Channel
Don’t panic, we’re almost done.
Now you just need to create what IFTTT calls a recipe. This is the actual “If this” (I post a new picture on Instagram) “Then That” (post that picture as a native Twitter image and make my followers happy)
Here is my recipe so all you really need to do is click Add:

IFTTT Recipe: Post new Instagrams as native Twitter images connects instagram to twitterRecipe: Post new Instagrams as native Twitter images

Now, when you are posting to Instagram, DO NOT click on the Twitter link as you have been. Just do your posting to Instagram with out even thinking about Twitter. IFTTT will just work in the background and do your cross posting automatically. In fact, if you do click the Twitter link, you’ll end up with duplicate posts on Twitter so don’t do that! That’s how I got the examples above.

Bonus…do the same for your Facebook friends!

IFTTT Recipe: Post new Instagrams as native Facebook images connects instagram to facebookRecipe: Post new Instagrams as native Facebook images