David Shanske just updated his Birdgy Publish plugin to work with Custom Post types. Currently, there isn’t a UI to enable the feature in your New Post UI. With David’s help in IRC and a few lines of code in my Functions.php I was able to get it to work.

Open your functions.php file and add the code below. It should be noted that I called my custom post type ‘posse’ in reference to the Indieweb notion of “Post own site, syndicate elsewhere.” So you should change the word posse below to the name you gave you custom post type:

// Add Bridgy Publish UI to your custom post type
function add_posse_to_bridgy_publish ( $types ) {
$types[] = 'posse';
return $types;
add_filter( 'bridgy_publish_post_types', 'add_posse_to_bridgy_publish' );

Share and enjoy.