There is a bug in Google Keep for iOS that can cause it to constantly crash. The problem has to do with certain notes within Keep. To fix it do the following:

  • Delete Google Keep from your iOS device
  • Go to Google Keep in your browser on you laptop
  • Click the Main Menu by clicking the 3 horizontal lines at the top right (aka the Hamburger Menu)
  • Scroll down and click Settings
  • UNCHECK “Display rich link previews”

Now go to the app store on your device and download Google Keep again and give it a try

This fixed it for me. You may not have to delete Keep from your device but I think it makes all this work cleaner because it will re-download all your notes when you reinstall and log in.

Thurrot and Engadget are reporting that “Microsoft Has Broken Millions Of Webcams With Windows 10 Anniversary Update”

Rafael Rivera on Twitter has come up with a simple work around by editing the registry. Be careful.

Open up regedit and go to the following registry key:

  • “HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows Media Foundation\Platform
  • add DWORD “EnableFrameServerMode”
  • set to 0
  • Also on:

    When you live in Southern California and an Earthquake hits, Twitter is your go to. Within seconds you can tell who of your friends has felt it and assess damage very quickly. It also helps calm you down when you know you aren’t alone waiting for the ground to settle down.

    The first question is always: “where is the epicenter?” Fortunately, an enterprising Twitter user has piped all of the USGS real-time SoCal Earthquake data into an Twitter via an account called @SoCalEq. The thing is, if you follow that account, your timeline gets quickly overrun by tweets of quakes of every magnitude from zero on up. If you aren’t right on top of the quake, anything less than a 2 isn’t of much interest. Thats where Tweetdeck comes in handy. In Tweetdeck you can set up a column to be a persistent Twitter search that displays only a subset of the @SoCalEq tweets.

    In Tweetdeck, on the left, click the magnifying glass to perform a search. In the search field, enter all of the following:
    M2 OR M3 OR M4 OR M5 OR M6 OR M7 OR M8 from:SoCalEq

    That will give you everything from a magnitude 2 to an 8 as tweeted by @SoCalEq. If you don’t want 2’s, for example, just delete M2 OR. If you want 1’s, add M1 OR. It’s pretty simple. Below is a live example. And if you aren’t a Twitter or Tweetdeck user then you could always just bookmark this Twitter search that accomplishes the same thing.