This morning, on the way to work, I was listening to This Week in Google and they were talking about Google Inbox. If you haven’t heard, yesterday Google introduced a new app called Google Inbox. Currently you have to request an invite and I’m still waiting for mine at the moment.Google Inbox

As I listened to Jeff, Gina and Leo I thought this sounds really cool. Then it hit me, this isn’t Gmail, this is a new way to manage your Gmail. Hmm, OK. Then it REALLY hit me…what if this only seems like it is about Gmail? What if this is really an entirely different play altogether. What if this is about (queue drum roll) IMAP?


Let’s take a step back. What is Google about? Indexing the world’s information and piecing your personal information to present you what you need to know when and where you need it.Google Inbox looks to be a marriage of Gmail and Google Now. All Gmail users will test it out. If Google gets this right, and they should, Gmail users will be talking it up, evangelizing it and hanging on to their Gmail accounts.All good things for Google’s quest.

But what about people entrenched in Yahoo or any other email account that they are unwilling to leave because they have ALL their archived mail in there and they don’t want to go through the hassle of moving to a new email address.Well this is where I’m thinking Google is going with Inbox. Remember it is a separate app and not a redesign of Gmail. What if they put in things, hidden for now, that later on will let you couple Inbox with any IMAP compatible email? That would instantly give them the ability to bring just about anyone into the Google world with out making them switch and would give Google servers hooks into all those people’s emails to index, organize and of course, serve more relevant ads.

Is this technically possible? I have no idea. Plausible? What do you think?