New and notable for February 6th 2012 through February 9th 2012

What I’m reading and finding for February 6th 2012 through February 9th 2012:

  • From Twitter – Sad. I love my Zx5. / End of an era Kodak discontinues camera business
  • From Twitter – (Google Near Launch of Cloud-Storage Service)
  • Path uploads your entire iPhone address book to its servers
    – Arun Thampi
    Path uploads your entire iPhone address book to its servers
    8 Feb 2012 – Singapore
    Dave Morin, the CEO of Path has responded in the comments and I’ve pasted it below. As an aside – never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this to blow up like this. I hope we can keep calm and continue to discuss this sensibly.
    Arun, thanks for pointing this out. We actually think this is an important conversation and take this very seriously. We upload the address book to our servers in order to help t…  show all text

  • From Twitter – (Google Makes Its Chrome Browser Mobile)
  • Coding Horror: Farewell Stack Exchange
    I am no longer a part of Stack Exchange.
    I still have much literal and figurative stock in the success of Stack Exchange, of course, but as of March 1st I will no longer be part of the day to day operations of the company, or the Stack Exchange sites, in any way.
    It's been almost exactly 4 years since I chose my own adventure. In those four years, we accomplished incredible things together. Stack Overflow is now an enormous bustling city, a hugely positive influence on the daily lives of progra…  show all text

  • From Twitter – (Maximum PC | Google Starts Laying Fiber In Kansas Cities)
  • Over 3 years later, "deleted" Facebook photos are still online
    – Jacqui Cheng
    Facebook is still working on deleting photos from its servers in a timely manner nearly three years after Ars first brought attention to the topic. The company admitted on Friday that its older systems for storing uploaded content "did not always delete images from content delivery networks in a reasonable period of time even though they were immediately removed from the site," but said it's currently finishing up a newer system that makes the process much quicker. In the meantime, photos that …  show all text

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