How to use Windows Live Photo Gallery with Picasa Web

A few years ago I used Picasa as my photo managing software. Then with Windows 7 I started using Windows Live Photo Gallery (WLPG).
A lot of my decision was based around the ability to use nested tags. That is, I tag things like Events/Family Vacation/Seattle and Places/WA/Seattle. These tags are used in Windows Media Center and make it worth the effort. Additionally and more importantly, WLPG saves the values you enter into the actual EXIF data that moves with the photo. Picasa uses a separate method and it can be a giant pain.

Anyway, now that I’m using Google+ more and more, it would be nice to be able to share photos right from within WLPG. On install, the default plugins let you share on Facebook, Flickr, SkyDrive and Windows Live Groups. Fortunately there are other plugins available, including one for Picasa Web.  Here is how to get that set up:

wlp-picasa3Now when you have some photos you want to share, you’ll see the Picasa logo a the sharing box at the top of the screen. Select your photos and click that logo.  You’ll get a dialog to enter the username and password for your Picasa Web account.  Enter your details and click Login.

Picasa_PublisherYou’ll then see a dialog showing you your current albums to add to as well as the opportunity to create a whole new album. Click Create new Album and name it something relevant.

You will then see the dialog box showing your photos uploading. After the upload you’ll get a box showing success and a button to view. Clicking View takes you online and to the album you just created. Here, if you are using Google+ you can share your album with your Circles by clicking the Share button on the right.


That’s it. A little effort up front will make it easier down the road to share your photos right from Windows Live Photo Gallery to Picasa Web and your friends on Google+.

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