How To Import Facebook Birthdays into Google Calendar

I’m using Google+ quite a bit lately so I forget to look at Facebook and see my friends’ birthdays. Even if you aren’t using Google+, calendars are great for planning upcoming events and Facebook doesn’t put upcoming birthdays in a nice calendar format. Fortunately Facebook provides us with a link usingthe webcal standard allow you to bring all your friends’ birthdays into Google Calendar. I’m focusing on Google Calendar here but same techniques should work for other programs such as Apple iCal and Microsoft Outlook.


fbcal1First, log on to Facebook and click Events.

Next, at the right hand side there is a gear icon, click that.

A dialog box will pop up showing the webcal address to all the birthdays. Right click on the link and click fbd1Copy Link Address
(different but similar wording in IE or Firefox).

Next, go to Google Calendar and the bottom of the left hand column click Add. Then Add by URL.

In the dialog that pops up, paste in the webcal URL you copied in the previous step. Then click Add Calendar.

After a pause of a few seconds or so you should see a new calendar called Friends Birthdays in your list of calendars on the right. You can page through your calendar and you should see all your friends and the day they were born. You can click on the colored drop down to the right of the calendar name to customize the colors or hide.fbcal7

That’s it! Now if you want another calendar for you Facebook events, go back to Facebook and use the same process except use the upcoming events link in the export dialog box.

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