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How to Fix Google Chrome Update Error 3 on Windows 7

This morning I wanted to check to be sure I was running the latest Google Chrome. To do that, you click on the wrench icon in the upper right and the click ‘About Google Chrome’. The dialog box will open and it should check Google’s update servers and come back and tell you if you have the latest version.
For me, however, I received this message: “Update Server not available (error 3).” Here is what worked to fix it for me in Windows 7:

  • Close Google Chrome
  • Click the Start Orb
  • In the search box, type CMD
  • Click on the CMD icon and you will see the command window open
  • Type: cd %localappdata%\google\update
  • After you press enter, you cursor should now be in your google update directory
  • Type: GoogleUpdate.exe /RegServer
  • Running that only took a second.
  • Open Google chrome and check ‘About Google Chrome’ again and it should now check the update servers successfully.

If the above doesn’t work for you, have a look here:

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