How to Fix Google Chrome Update Error 3 on Windows 7

This morning I wanted to check to be sure I was running the latest Google Chrome. To do that, you click on the wrench icon in the upper right and the click ‘About Google Chrome’. The dialog box will open and it should check Google’s update servers and come back and tell you if you have the latest version.
For me, however, I received this message: “Update Server not available (error 3).” Here is what worked to fix it for me in Windows 7:

  • Close Google Chrome
  • Click the Start Orb
  • In the search box, type CMD
  • Click on the CMD icon and you will see the command window open
  • Type: cd %localappdata%\google\update
  • After you press enter, you cursor should now be in your google update directory
  • Type: GoogleUpdate.exe /RegServer
  • Running that only took a second.
  • Open Google chrome and check ‘About Google Chrome’ again and it should now check the update servers successfully.

If the above doesn’t work for you, have a look here:

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  1. Not sure why I had such a hard time finding this, but this was the only thing that finally worked. Thanks.
    Please note, this should be updated for Windows 10 – the path is different, it will be in the google program directory, but once you find the file the command is the same.

  2. I don’t have google updater.exe nor update in C:\Users\MAHI\AppData\Local\Google

    I cannont find that in win 7 x64
    if any one have solution pm me
    mahinthan5 at

  3. This worked perfectly exactly as Scott initially wrote it at the top. It’s a registry item that was missing or out of sync with where to find the GoogleUpdate.exe. His instructions above fix it without you having to go crawling through your registry as other sites have recommended to fix this error. thanks Scott!!!

  4. Thank you so much for this. I consider myself an advanced user (I have a degree in computer engineering) and I’ve read all the official Google documentation on this problem, yet your prescription is the only thing that has helped me update my Chrome. Thank you!!

  5. neither solution worked for me. I have been using the beta builds and I have just ended up installing the latest .exe every time a new one becomes available. I would much rather it be automatic

  6. when i enter the 1st command it says ”the system cant find the path specified” even i search for the google chrome update.exe but there is non in my pc :/

  7. The real problem with this error lies with the poor programming technique of the Google team. They should NEVER allow a user error (presuming there might be a user error) to effect their browser that a uninstall//reinstall cannot correct.

  8. If the above does not work, here is what I did to fix it. First uninstall google chrome (add remove programs). Then in the “start button” search box, type in Google updater and hit enter. When the updater comes up, under the second tab from the left “installed software”, click on install more programs. check the box to install google chrome. Uncheck all the other programs that are checked (unless you want those too). It will install google chrome, but it will be an older version. When you run the older version of google chrome, it will be updating in the back ground. Then it will ask you to restart google chrome. You will now have the latest version and you will no longer get the Error 3. πŸ™‚


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