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Do you read the online comic XKCD? If you do, you'll know there insights or additional info about the comic or its subject matter hidden until you hover the mouse over the image.

I was thinking the other day that is great but not too handy on a tablet or smart phone. What I wanted was an email with the latest comic and the hover over text as part of that email.

Fortunately, the hover over is just Alt text and is included in the RSS feed along with the comic. Using a bit of Yahoo! Pipes magic I created a new feed that grabs the text and makes it part of the description and thus visible in the feed.  Then I used +IFTTT to create a recipe to send me an email anytime a new item is available in my enhanced RSS feed.

If you are interested, the IFTTT recipe is located here: https://ifttt.com/recipes/96164
or you can use the RSS feed from here:

#xkcd   #rss  

Try this IFTTT Recipe: xkcd with hover text
This recipe will deliver new XKCD comics to your inbox and include the hover over text as part of the email.

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