Google Operating System has links to a list of sites that are providing information via Google Now. What I found more interesting from a future development point of view was the information about adding schemas to your emails to have them show up in Google Now. Definitely food for thought for those wanting to get on board.


The Smithsonian Institution released a free 77-page e-book Tuesday concerning one of the institution’s top priorities: digitizing 14 million objects in its massive collections.

In “ Best of Both Worlds: Museums, Libraries, and Archives in a Digital Age ,” G. Wayne Clough, secretary of the Smithsonian, writes that digitization is necessary for the Smithsonian to maintain its national and international footprint. “The book gave us the opportunity to talk with other museums and to give this idea a push,” Clough said in an interview. “I talked with leaders of over 30 museums and libraries, and everyone is struggling with the same issues.”

In the book, Clough highlights the challenges that museums and libraries face, from the high cost of digitizing collections to the speed at which technology changes.

Smithsonian offers an e-book to detail its digitization efforts
The institution outlines financial and technological hurdles in digitizing 14 million objects in its collections.

By: mgeitf

From his unique perspective as a director, producer and actor working across the world on stage and screen, mainstream networks and the internet, Kevin Spacey considers the changes sweeping across our industry and the opportunities for innovation and creativity for those who live to tell stories and engage audiences.


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Seems like every day there is someone new reminding us that we need strong passwords. You need to mix things up: lower case, upper case, special characters. Above all, the longer the password the better. The problem is, these strong passwords we have created in the past are not mobile friendly. Can we change that and still have passwords that are secure?

Lets take a look at a nice long random 25 character password I made up for this example:

demo strong password


We’ll feed that into Steve Gibson’s password haystack checker to see how hard it would be to crack and the results, even at a trillion guesses per second, it would take 89.14 trillion trillion centuries to crack.

strong password haystack check

25 random characters? Good luck remembering that. Sure, you could definitely use a password manager such as LastPass to save it but, what if you want that to be your LastPass master password? You can’t very well hide it inside the very thing you need it to open. iOS and Android Keyboard 2Then, we add the complexity of typing that on a mobile screen such as iPhone or Android and it gets even worse. Look at it closely and think about how you would type this on a mobile screen: 3 key presses on the first mobile screen for vll then switch to the second screen for & then back to the first, etc. We’ve all been there.

Mobile computing is an increasing part of our lives and we should take that into consideration when we create our passwords. If we get frustrated we’ll end up creating shorter, less secure passwords and that could leave our precious information vulnerable. Instead, what if we had used those very same letters, case, numbers and symbols and put it into a more human friendly format then changed our password to be like this:

strong mobile friendly password


Close examination will reveal that we start with a phrase we can remember in lower and upper case. On mobile, this keeps us to the first keyboard screen on our mobile devices.. Then we switch to the second mobile screen for some numbers and symbols. The numbers could be a pattern or something unique that you can remember. Same thing with the symbols. The point is, you have 3 things to remember: a phrase, some numbers and a pattern of symbols. It is still long but you have a better chance of remembering it that way and a higher probability of entering it correctly in one go on your mobile.

How does our new mobile friendly, more human memorable password stack up in Password Haystacks? That’s the beauty of it. It would still take the same 89.14 trillion trillion centuries to crack!

strong password haystack check

It should be noted as well that there are a set of symbols that iOS puts on the third screen because there isn’t as much room. They are #%*+<>=_ To minimize your screen switching you could avoid using those in your passwords if you do a lot of switching between device types. Also, some people may not like the idea of using real words as part of your password. I’d argue that length is what is critical here but I can see that point too. If that is you, simply figure out a pattern of letters and use in instead of that phrase but keep it mobile friendly by keeping to the first screen.

Now, go change your password and make it strong.  Test it with password haystack checker and make it mobile friendly!

Changing your IP address or using proxy servers to access public websites you've been forbidden to visit is a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), a judge ruled Friday in a case involving Craigslist and 3taps.

Changing IP address to access public website ruled violation of US law
CFAA forbids easy method of evading IP blocking used by 3taps (and Aaron Swartz).


Small carved stones unearthed in a nearly 5,000-year-old burial could represent the earliest gaming tokens ever found, according to Turkish archaeologists who are excavating early Bronze Age graves.

Found in a burial at Başur Höyük, a 820- by 492-foot mound near Siirt in southeast Turkey, the elaborate pieces consist of 49 small stones sculpted in different shapes and painted in green, red, blue, black and white.

Oldest Gaming Tokens Found in Turkey : DNews
Small carved stones unearthed in a nearly 5,000-year-old burial could represent the earliest gaming tokens ever found.

When it isn't streaming, the Chromecast displays a beautiful wall paper. These images are just downloaded from Google and displayed on your screen. Looks like there are currently 11 of them. One of the members of XDA Developers forum has grabbed them all and zipped them up for easy download. So, even if you don't have a Chromecast and just want some new wallpapers, go get 'em.

xda-developers – View Single Post – ChromeCast Wallpapers
Chromecast Android and Windows Mobile Developers – The Largest Community for Smartphone Hacks and Development of Apps

The New York Times is the latest media company to partner with IFTTT. The 6 new triggers include: when a new article is published in a certain section or matching a specific search query; when an article or blog post becomes popular; when a new Critics Pick film is reviewed; when a new book is added to the NYT's Best Sellers List; and when a new event is listed in a particular category.

New York Times gets its own channel on IFTTT for news and event alerts
Second high-profile media partnership for connectivity startup following ESPN Olympic Games deal in 2012