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Recent updates to the Google Books applications have brought the ability to upload your own content into Google Books.  Here is how to get PDFs and EPUB documents into your list of books so you can read them on your devices or at your computer.

On your computer, go to and sign in. Next click on the My Books tab at the top. All your current books will be listed. Click the blue “Upload Files” button at the top right and you’ll see an upload dialog box. Here you can drag and drop your PDFs. After the file uploads you’ll see it in your “My Books” area as well as in the Uploads area.

You can also use that upload dialog to transfer files you already have in your Google Drive.  In the upload dialog click My Drive on the left and then you’ll be able to navigate through your drive files and chose one to add to your Books.

Some things to note:
Make sure your files don’t exceed the 50 MB/file limit
Up to 1,000 files can be uploaded to your account
DRM-protected files are not supported

I find EPUB to be the best format if you can get it. The text flows better than PDFs on the screen and on your device. Also, the furthest read marks are synced with your Google account for these types of books which makes switching between devices much better. EPUB also lets you us the Read Aloud feature on your Android device.

This is a cool project if you have a home server and need a stylish place to put it. Personally I like to keep mine in a closet so it is out of site but apartment dwellers and others don't always have that as an option.
The secondary reason for linking to this is that there is a site a hadn't heard about before called and I love that kind of DIY stuff. If you build anything cool, let me know.

Turn a Set of IKEA Drawers Into the Perfect Home Server Cabinet
If you have a home server—whether it’s a pre-bought model or one you built yourself—you need a good place to put it. IKEA Hacker Lauzer put his in a modded IKEA cabinet that keeps it within quick reach.

If you've gotten the new notifications here on Google+, you may have noticed that the link to 'all notifications' is gone. For those of you who get a lot of notifications and don't get to check them every time one pops up, this poses a real problem. 

Luckily someone discovered this nifty little trick that allows you to find that wonderful notifications page where you can filter your notifications by All posts, Your posts, Other people's posts, and Mentions of you

Just click on the notifications icon (the bell) and drag it into your browser's address bar. Tah-dah!

Let's hope the good folks at Google keep this little trick. For us notifications power-users, being able to filter is essential!

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