Tech News – December 31st 2012:
F.A.A. Rules Make Electronic Devices on Planes Hazardous – – By NICK BILTON

If the Federal Aviation Administration does not re-evaluate its ban on device use during takeoff and landing, someone will be hurt, but not because of interference with the plane’s avionics.
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Amazon Is Not A Commerce Company | TechCrunch: – Alex Williams

Same-day shipping became the big retailer craze this holiday season. Why? As the New York Times points out, retailers are living in fear of and trying to match what the online retailer offers. The fear factor — Wal-Mart once had a trance on retail. Now it’s But it’s not just retail that has begun to show deeper anxiety about Amazon. It’s the enterprise giants, too, that pay far more attention to the moves Amazon makes. Commerce came first, and now Amazon is prepping to ha…  show all text
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Google Blocks TwitPic, Chrome Denies Access to Twitter Pages: – Emil Protalinski


Google’s malware checker on Sunday has for some reason detected as a threat. As a result, if you try to access the site from using any browser (link), you’ll get a malware warning. Furthermore, if you use Google Chrome, pages as well as Twitter pages that rely on the service will result in a blocking prompt as well. Update: According to TwitPic, Google has removed the block and access should be restored. To try this for yourself, head to, search for…  show all text
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Kim Dotcom To Host Mega’s Launch Event At His New Mega Zealand Mansion Next Month | TechCrunch: – Matt Burns

Kim Dotcom doesn’t do things small. The man behind the Megaupload empire is about to launch his next service dubbed simply Mega. But don’t expect a simple press event in a hotel conference room. Nope, on January 20, 2013, exactly one year after his over-the-top takedown, Dotcom is hosting the Mega launch event at his sprawling New Zealand estate — effectively giving the finger to the RIAA, MPAA, and the shady US Justice Department. Members of the media who like to be at the press conference of …  show all text
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Will Google+ Ever Get A Full Read/Write API? | TechCrunch: – Frederic Lardinois

Depending on who you ask, Google+ is either a thriving social network and the most important backbone of Google’s social efforts, or a deserted wasteland where a small clique of fans keeps the lights on. I tend to think it’s doing quite alright for Google, but I also know that I would use it far more if I could use a desktop client (and maybe one that combines Twitter, Facebook and Google+) to read and post updates. Google, however, has steadfastly refused to launch a full read/write API for Go…  show all text
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Why Intel’s New IPTV Service Will Do What Google, Apple, and Microsoft Can’t – Forbes:

Apple and Google have been attempting for years to entice customers to ditch cable television for set top boxes that deliver TV shows, movies and more via the internet. For the past year or so, Intel has also quietly been working on a top-secret set-top box that could not only […]
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Ryan Block: Why I’m Quitting Instagram – – By RYAN BLOCK

Ryan Block, the co-founder of Gdgt, explains why he is quitting Instagram.
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CinemaNow Introduces Buggy At Home Disc-to-Digital UltraViolet Service | The Digital Media Zone: – Richard Gunther

Another big name, Best Buy, joined the UltraViolet ecosystem this month with CinemaNow’s innovative, but buggy, new disc-to-digital conversion service. Tagged as a “limited participation beta,” Best Buy’s service attempts to one-up Walmart’s in-store disc-to-digital service where customers can take their DVD or Blu-ray discs to a local Walmart retail outlet to redeem UltraViolet digital copies in VUDU. Best Buy tags Disc-to-Digital as “beta,” but it’s CinemaNow’s site, applications, services, a…  show all text

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