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  • 7 Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos You’re Sharing on Social Media
    Fake Hurricane Sandy photos flew around Twitter and Facebook on Monday, as users shared jaw-dropping images. Unfortunately, the race to post the most strik
  • Scott Forstall Leaving Apple – Business Insider
    – Jay Yarow
    There has been a massive shake up in the executive ranks at Apple.
    Scott Forstall, the brilliant, but polarizing SVP who leads iOS, is out. As is John Browett who took over Apple’s retail operations earlier this year.
    Forstall’s responsibilities are going to be split amongst three long time Apple execs.
    Jony Ive, who leads hardware design, will lead Human Interface across the company.
    Eddy Cue, who leads Internet services, will take over Siri and Maps.
    Craig Federighi, who runs OSX, will also …  show all text
  • Twitter Blog: Hurricane Sandy: Resources on Twitter
    – Twitter
    As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the east coast of the U.S., here’s a roundup of accounts suggested by local and state government officials you can follow to get real-time emergency information, plus tips for using Twitter during a crisis. In the event that power (and the Internet) are down, you can still get alerts from accounts on Twitter using your mobile device through text messaging (SMS):
    Receive Tweets via SMS: Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can receive Tweets from any T…  show all text
  • Twitter Gives Away Promoted Crisis Tweets to Red Cross, FEMA
    – Zoe Fox
    As Hurricane Sandy batters the Eastern Seaboard, Twitter is offering free promoted crisis tweets to the Red Cross, FEMA, the New York City’s Mayor’s Office and the Maryland Emergency Management Agency to help keep users updated on the storm. Other state and local authorities can contact Twitter to join the pro bono program.
    The site published a blog post Monday afternoon, including a list of suggested accounts to follow for real-time updates on the Frankenstorm, including state and local govern…  show all text
  • #instacane
  • Instagram users are posting 10 Hurricane Sandy pictures every second | Poynter.
    – Jeff Sonderman
    Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom tells us via a spokeswoman: “There are now 10 pictures per second being posted with the hashtag #sandy — most are images of people prepping for the storm and images of scenes outdoors.”
    The total… Read more
  • Comparing Hurricanes Sandy And Irene — Photos –
    Experts say Hurricane Sandy is wider and stronger than Hurricane Irene, which caused more than $15 billion in damage in 2011, and could rival the worst East Coast storm on record.
  • Why we ought to have a Random Penguin | Business blog
    – John Gapper
    There are many serious things to say about the merger of Random House and Penguin but the aspect that most strikes me is what a wasted opportunity it is to have an entertaining brand name.
    As widely noted on Twitter, the decision to call the merged entity Penguin Random House is aesthetically far inferior to the alternative: Random Penguin. Jane Thynne, the journalist and author, summed it up nicely:Penguin Random is clunky. Random Penguin has poetry. Surely a business devoted to writers can …  show all text
  • Bob Ross Google Doodle Will Make Your Day Sunnier
    – Todd Wasserman
    Those on the East Coast of the United States who are expecting more than a few “fluffy little clouds” to come their way thanks to Hurricane Sandy may not be aware that the originator of that phrase, painter Bob Ross, would have been 70 years-old on Monday.
    However, Google is commemorating the event with a Google Doodle that shows Ross in his prime with his permed Afro, beard and a squirrel on his shoulder.
    Ross, the creator and host of PBS’s The Joy of Painting, died in 1995. However, his legend  show all text

Tech news – October 28th 2012 to October 29th 2012:

  • – Stan Schroeder
    As Hurricane Sandy moves near the U.S. mid-Atlantic coast, Google is helping those affected prepare for the storm with a dedicated crisis map.
    The map tracks Sandy’s path, letting users choose between several layers of information, such as the current location of the storm, forecast track, shelter locations, cloud imagery, public alerts and more.
    Google has also launched a special Sandy crisis map for New York City, displaying such info as evacuation zones, evacuation centers and Red Cross emer…  show all text
  • To Successfully Launch A Product, You Have To Tell A Compelling Story | TechCrunch
    – Romain Dillet
    “The art of narration and dramatic presentation, together with a keen sense of the oral epic style, became a characteristic quality of the Russian people.” —Vladimir Propp, Morphology of the Folktale
    At the end of a week filled with product launches and press conferences, it’s hard not to compare those marketing events. Without even talking about the products, some were much more compelling than others. And it all comes down to the story that you tell, as a company. Failing at that task will gr…  show all text
  • Raw Video: Dragon Splashes Down in the Pacific
  • How Will Hurricane Sandy Affect The Internet? [VIDEO]
    – Neha Prakash
    Hurricane Sandy might take out power for the server farms for Amazon, Apple and Google, perhaps even taking the Internet with it.
    More About: Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Frankenstorm, Hurricane Sandy, trending
  • How a Supreme Court ruling may stop you from reselling just about anything | Ars Technica
    – Joe Mullin
    Aurich Lawson / Thinkstock
    On Monday, the US Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case that pits a major textbook publisher against Supap Kirtsaeng, a student-entrepreneur who built a small business importing and selling textbooks.
    Like many Supreme Court cases, though, there’s more than meets the eye. It’s not merely a question of whether the Thai-born Kirtsaeng will have to cough up his profits as a copyright infringer; the case is a long-awaited rematch between content companies seeking to…  show all text
  • Passbook: Developer Integration the Weakest Link
    – Lauren Hockenson
    Ever since I made the switch to the smartphone three years (and four generations) ago, I’ve always carried around an iPhone. Granted, this doesn’t make me a special snowflake, but for all intents and purposes, I’ve been “that girl” with my phone.
    I don’t get every new upgrade or shell out big bucks on peripherals, but I do my best to stay informed and I’m an early adopter (and avid proponent) of many third-party applications that have made my life easier. But, for the first time, I’m experienci…  show all text

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