Tech news – July 29th 2012 to July 30th 2012:

  • Troy Hunt: Lessons in website security anti-patterns by Tesco
    – Troy Hunt
    Let me set the scene for this post by sharing a simple tweet from last night:

    Ok then, that’s about as many security misdemeanours as I reckon you can fit in 140 chars! For those wondering, yes, this is actually a verified account and it really is Tesco responding to me. I’ll come back to Tesco’s many interesting views on security a little later, but first, some background:
    I keep a watch on mentions of my blog over on Twitter and get a lot of tweets along these lines:

    Curious, as always, I…  show all text

  • Week 2: Mayer Googifies Yahoo — Free Food, Friday All-Hands, Fab Swag – Kara Swisher – News – AllThingsD
    – Kara Swisher
    Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer’s second week is showing even more signs of what the company will be like under her regime.
    In short: It will be just like Google, from whence she came.
    Praise be: Yahoogle lives!
    Wasting little time, Mayer has added a weekly Friday afternoon all-hands meeting, which kicked off this past week at the company’s Sunnyvale HQ.
    Just like it has been done at the search giant for eons.
    And, at the 4:30 pm PT confab, she announced — to the shock of some bean counters at Ya…  show all text

  • Pink is the New Purple! by Dave McClure
    Dear Marissa: Think Different.

    I’d like to write a different Open Letter to Marissa Mayer, that plays to both her strengths, as well as those of Yahoo. It’s a bit off the wall, but if you think it thru with me, I bet you’ll agree with the strategy.
    Yahoo has struggled for the last 6-7 years – with what it stands for, who’s running the show, how to keep its employees, how to compete with Google, and how to take advantage of its amazing assets in content, communications, and community around the  show all text

  • When Craigslist Blocks Innovations – Disruptions –
    The Internet is littered with hundreds of digital carcasses of sites that once built on top of Craigslist, which last week filed a lawsuit against Padmapper, a site that improves Craigslist's apartment listings.

  • #nbcfail economics — BuzzMachine –
    – Jeff Jarvis
    Reading the #nbcfail hashtag has been at least as entertaining as much of NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. It’s also enlightening — economically enlightening.
    There’s the obvious: * The people formerly known as the audience have a voice and boy are they using it to complain about NBC’s tape delays of races and the opening ceremonies, about its tasteless decision to block the UK tribute to its 7/7 victims, and about its commentators’ idiocies (led by Meredith Vieira’s ignorance of the inventor of…  show all text

  • WikiLeaks, a Post Postscript –

  • BBC News – Programmers sought for tropical hackathon
    Programmers are being sought for a two-month hackathon that will be held on a remote tropical island in the Philippines

  • Know and show what you got – TwentyFeet – Social Media Monitoring & Ego tracking
    Ego tracking and Social Media Monitoring for twitter, facebook, YouTube, MySpace, and Google Analytics. Free for individuals.

  • NBC #Fail – O’Reilly Radar –
    – Jim Stogdill
    I’m violating my first rule. I’m writing angry. But…
    I love the olympics. I love sport. And the olympics, still, despite it all, seem to me an incredible distillation of sport’s dedication, intensity, joy, humanity, and drama. Whether it’s the higher order game theory playing out in the biking peloton, the slowly evolving drama of the marathon, the sheer primal athleticism of weighlifting, or the H2O-immersed VO2max test that is the 400m individual medley, I just can’t get enough of it.
    But NBC…  show all text

  • Please Don’t Watch NBC Tonight. Or Any Night. | TechCrunch
    – Billy Gallagher
    Spoiler alert: Phelps and Lochte raced today. The results are all over Twitter. But the race won’t air on TV in America until tonight.
    This is 2012, not 1996. NBC has put all of the events live online, provided you have a cable subscription, but won’t have them available recorded online and won’t air many events, including the most high-profile ones, until a primetime tape delay.
    This isn’t a new strategy, just a dumb, outdated one.
    This isn’t just the first social Olympics; it’s the first Olym…  show all text

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Tech news – July 19th 2012 to July 22nd 2012:

  • Entitlement and Acquisition – Matt Gemmell
    Sparrow (a popular Mac and iOS email client) has been acquired by Google. The apps are essentially being put in maintenance mode, with no additional features planned for the future.
    Cue predictable squawking on the internet. The same thing happens every time there’s an acquisition of a smaller, indie dev company or product by a larger company.
    People try to dress their reaction up as a principled stance or a community cause, but that’s at best wrong-headed thinking, and at worst wilfully egocen…  show all text
  • Rupert Murdoch steps down from NI boards – Telegraph
    – Katherine Rushton
    Rupert Murdoch’s grip on UK newspapers is loosening “finger by finger”, as he resigns string of directorships.
  • The real reason we’re upset about Sparrow’s acquisition
    – Rian
    When the news hit that Sparrow has been acquired by Google, you could almost hear the collective sigh from those who use and love this wonderful iOS and Mac OS X email client. Many people (myself included) took to Twitter to voice our disappointment with this move, especially about the fact there there will be no additional development on the app:
    We will continue to make available our existing products, and we will provide support and critical updates to our users. However, as we’ll be busy wi…  show all text
  • We’ve Seen This Movie Before
    I don’t know if James Holmes cared about Batman. I suspect he cared deeply about seeing himself on the news.
  • Gunman turns ‘Batman’ screening into real-life ‘horror film’ –
    At least 14 people were killed and 50 wounded when a gunman opened fire during an early Friday morning screening of the new Batman movie at an Aurora, Colorado, theater, Police Chief Dan Oates told reporters.
  • Yahoo CEO Mayer to Get Close to $60 Million in Compensation – Kara Swisher – News – AllThingsD
    – Kara Swisher
    Yahoo revealed in a regulatory filing that it could be paying its new CEO Marissa Mayer a total of close to $60 million to turn the company around.
    The mega-sum includes salary, equity grants, stock options, a make-whole payment for the Google shares she left behind and, perhaps most remarkably, a $30 million one-time retention award.
    The amount, which is a whole lot more than what the last two Yahoo CEOs — Carol Bartz and Scott Thompson — were paid is, um, rather large.
    One Yahoo board member …  show all text
  • Dear Internet
  • Women in Tech: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. | TechCrunch
    Apologies in advance to everyone I’m going to offend with this post, men and women included. If I appear to be moronic, self-centered, or sexist… it’s only because I am (I’m a guy). Still I believe my heart is in the right place, and unlike my head, hopefully it’s not in my pants. But whether you agree with me or not, I’d like to get past “talking” about gender issues and start taking action… action as in get off your butt and write a check for some startup who could really use the money.
  • #stormcoming #nyc #isolated I’ve never seen a storm so concentrated. The power of mother nature!–

Tech news – July 14th 2012 to July 18th 2012:

  • Sriram Krishnan Unsolicited advice for Marissa Mayer
    OMG, did you see that Marissa Mayer is now CEO of Yahoo?
    That was one of many messages I got from current and ex-Yahoos on yesterday’s news. Having recently exited a short stint at Yahoo as an engineering manager and having had hundreds of conversations with employees on what needs to change at the company, I’ve seen both the best and the worst of the company.
    The press has many suggestions for big strategic moves that Marissa. Here’s a list of smaller tactical ones she could do. These are deli…  show all text
  • Dear Marissa Mayer
  • New Yahoo CEO Mayer is pregnant – Postcards
    – Patricia Sellers
    She told Fortune exclusively that her first child is due in October.
    FORTUNE –Marissa Mayer, the Google (GOOG) executive who today was named Yahoo’s (YHOO) new chief executive, is pregnant.
    Mayer told Fortune exclusively that her first child is due October 7. It’s a boy!
    “He’s super-active,” Mayer told me in a phone call tonight, three hours after Yahoo announced her appointment. “He moves around a lot. My doctor says that he takes MORE
  • A Yahoo Search Calls Up a Chief From Google –
    Marissa Mayer, one of the top executives at Google, will be the next C.E.O. of Yahoo, making her one of the most prominent women in Silicon Valley and corporate America.
  • An iPad Lover’s Take On The Nexus 7 | TechCrunch
    – Mg Siegler
    Trolls, feel free to skip to the bottom of this column and post your comments immediately without reading a word. Actually, who are we kidding — you didn’t make it this far.
    Everyone else, brace yourselves. You may want small children to leave the room. I’m about to do something I don’t do often — something I always said I’d do if the product deserved it. Something some people seem to think I’m incapable of: praise a Google product — an Android-based Google product, no less.
    Is that enough build  show all text
  • Goldman Sachs and the $580 Million Black Hole
    What does a financial giant owe to its clients? That question is at the heart of the battle between the founders of Dragon Systems and Goldman Sachs, their banker, in a sale that went horribly awry.
  • Exactly How Screwed Is PayPal? (Hint: Very) | PandoDaily
    – Sarah Lacy
    It has taken more than a decade, but PayPal — the coaster of the Internet that has had a downhill ride with the wind at its back pretty much since acquisition — is finally under serious threat.
    It may not be showing up in PayPal’s numbers yet. Indeed, by the time you start to see these things on the balance sheet, the damage is irreversible. The question is whether it can still be reversed now. I’m arguing no for three big reasons.
    The first is the decreasing relevance of eBay. PayPal was never…  show all text
  • Path’s Consistency Of Tone | TechCrunch
    – Brenden Mulligan
    Editor’s Note: Brenden Mulligan is an entrepreneur and product designer who created Onesheet, Webbygram, TipList, ArtistData, MorningPics, and PhotoPile. You can find him on Twitter at @mulligan.
    Admittedly, I have a negative bias towards overhyped startups. If a company gets a lot of attention before they do anything significant, I’m less likely to try their product and when I do, less likely to have a positive feeling about it. I realize this is a weakness I need to overcome, but it’s the way…  show all text
  • Thumbs Up: Digg Wasn’t A Failure, It Was A Beginning | TechCrunch
    – Aubrey Sabala
    “Don’t let him climb a wall. We haven’t finalized his life insurance plan.”
    That was one of the first directions I was given at Digg when I started in early 2008. “Him” was Kevin Rose, the founder of the widely popular social news site, and I was on my third day. It was widely known that Kevin was an avid rock climber, though he had recently been extending this skill to common household surfaces…walls, doorframes, stairways. We were heading together to Miami, for his keynote at Future of Web Ap…  show all text

Tech news – July 11th 2012 to July 14th 2012:

  • Vinod Khosla: Maintain the Silicon Valley Vision –
    Vinod Khosla, the prominent venture capitalist, says Silicon Valley is in danger of losing its way if a Wall Street mentality takes hold. “You want missionaries, not mercenaries,” he writes in a guest post.
  • In Memoriam: Even in losing, how Digg won — Tech News and Analysis
    – Om Malik
    The Digg Townhall meeting broadcast live from the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. 2008. Photo courtesy of Eric Magnuson, via Flickr
    Having spent a major part of the week sitting on a beach, practically disconnected to the incessant drumbeat of the news cycle, it was hardly surprising that I missed yesterday’s hoopla about Digg (or whatever was left of it) being acquired by Betaworks for around $500,000 and some equity. Betaworks is going to use the brand (and its traffic) to…  show all text
  • Announcing an audacious proposal by Dalton Caldwell
    The overwhelmingly positive response to my blogpost, What Twitter could have been has been inspiring. The post has generated 80K pageviews thus far. Without really meaning to, I touched a nerve.
    The responses to my post largely fell into two camps. One group is of the belief that a non-commercial, open source, open standards federation of real-time protocols is the solution. The opposing group has pointed out that these decentralized efforts never work out, and the API-focused service I wish ex…  show all text
  • Digg Sold To LinkedIn AND The Washington Post And Betaworks | TechCrunch
    – Alexia Tsotsis
    Sun Valley and self-driving cars aside, the story of the day today is that social news site Digg has sold its remaining assets for $500K to the NYC-based tech firm Betaworks. While that number is indeed in the ballpark, we’re hearing from multiple sources that the total price of the Digg acquisition was around $16 million, including the price paid for IP by a previously unreported acquirer, LinkedIn.
    According to a familiar source, the Washington Post ended up paying $12 million for the Digg te…  show all text
  • Once a Social Media Star, Digg Sells for $500,000 to Betaworks –
    Betaworks has agreed to buy news-sharing website Digg, in an attempt to revive a company that was early to social media but outmaneuvered by rivals like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Why There Are Too Many Patents in America – Richard A. Posner – The Atlantic
    Having just dismissed a high-profile patent suit between Apple and Motorola, one of our leading jurists discusses the problems plaguing America’s intellectual property system.
  • Hackers expose 453,000 credentials allegedly taken from Yahoo service | Ars Technica
    – Dan Goodin
    Hackers posted what appear to be login credentials for more than 453,000 user accounts that they said they retrieved in plaintext from an unidentified service on Yahoo.
    The dump, posted on a public website by a hacking collective known as D33Ds Company, said it penetrated the Yahoo subdomain using what’s known as a union-based SQL injection. The hacking technique preys on poorly secured web applications that don’t properly scrutinize text entered into search boxes and other user input fields. By  show all text
  • Columbia University Names Sree Sreenivasan First Chief Digital Officer – Arik Hesseldahl – News – AllThingsD
    – Arik Hesseldahl
    If you know anyone in the New York media scene, then you either know Sree, or you know someone who does. And more often than not, you need only mention him by his first name: Once you and another person establish that you both know Sree, you’re already more than halfway to being friends.
    For those who don’t know him, Sree or @sree on Twitter is Sreenath Sreenivasan, who has been during the 15 years I’ve known him, a hyperconnected, seemingly permanent fixture at Columbia University’s Graduate S…  show all text
  • Tweetbot for Mac — Tapbots Blog
    – Mark Jardine
    It’s finally here! (sort of)
    Tweetbot for Mac is finally available! However it may not be quite as you had hoped. Developing for the Mac is no easy task, especially a full-featured Twitter client. However, we’ve gotten to a point where while not complete, it is useable. We’ve decided to release it as a public alpha to a) motivate us to finish faster, and b) get feedback to help us build the best Mac incarnation of Tweetbot we can make. You can love it or hate it, but rest assured it will only g…  show all text
  • Netflix’s lost year: The inside story of the price-hike train wreck | Internet & Media – CNET News
    – Greg Sandoval
    One year ago tomorrow, CEO Reed Hastings took the first of a series of missteps that angered customers and nearly derailed his company. Current and former employees disclose what went wrong. [Read more]

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