Tech news – June 26th 2012 to June 30th 2012:

Yesterday, Google announced that you can now invite others to Google events. The idea is that doing this will let you all share on Google+ your photos and other event details. When you set up an event, an invitation goes to all who you have invited. A side effect of this is that when you get an invitation, even if you choose to ignore it, a place holder is put onto your Google Calendar. To me, my calendar is the hard landscape for what I am going to do. I don’t need to see these thing cluttering up my calendar.  Fortunately the fix is easy:

  • Go to your Google Calendar and click the gear icon in the upper right and then click settings.
  • Scroll way down until you come to “Automatically add invitations to my calendar”
  • Select ” No, only show invitations to which I have responded”
  • Click Save

The nice part is this is retroactive. So if you have a bunch of entries on there you haven’t responded to, they’ll all automatically disappear from your calendar when you set this up.


At Google IO today, they announce their new Google tablet made by Asus. The Asus Nexus 7. Here are the details I grabbed while watching the presentation:
Tegra 3 Quad core CPU
12 Core GPU
9 Hour video play back
300 hour standby time
340 Grams
Android 4.1
First device to ship with Chrome as the standard browser

$199 for 8GB and $249 for 16GB.
You get Transformers, Dark of the Moon. Also the book Bourne Dominion, and free magazine issues of Popular Science, Food Network, Traveller and others.
You also get $25 credit to use at Google Play
Order from Google Play

Tech news – June 23rd 2012 to June 26th 2012:

Tech news – June 20th 2012 to June 23rd 2012:

  • Google to launch Amazon, Microsoft cloud rival at Google I/O — Tech News and Analysis
    – Om Malik
    Google is very likely to launch a cloud services platform at its annual developer conference, Google I/O next week in San Francisco. It was one of the topics of discussion in the hallways of our Structure 2012 conference. We have since confirmed with multiple sources who are familiar with Google’s plans which include a more comprehensive offering that its current app engine and storage offerings. The Mountain View, Calif-based Internet giant declined to comment.
    In early May, my colleague Derri…  show all text

  • Pay attention to what Nick Denton is doing with comments » Nieman Journalism Lab
    – Clay Shirky
    As comment bait goes, I’m a Gay Mormon Who’s Been Happily Married for 10 Years is a corker. That’s Gawker’s headline for a piece by Joshua Weed (excerpted from a longer version posted on Weed’s own site) about how he balances his homosexuality, his marriage to a woman, and his Mormon identity. Once up on Gawker, it quickly attracted several hundred comments.
    As you might imagine, some of those comments are moronic. One read, in its entirety, “lol mormons.” Some are grating: “…the idea of putting  show all text

  • Twitter Blog: Today’s turbulence explained
    – twitter
    Not how we wanted today to go. At approximately 9:00am PDT, we discovered that Twitter was inaccessible for all web users, and mobile clients were not showing new Tweets. We immediately began to investigate the issue and found that there was a cascading bug in one of our infrastructure components. This wasn’t due to a hack or our new office or Euro 2012 or GIF avatars, as some have speculated today. A “cascading bug” is a bug with an effect that isn’t confined to a particular software element, …  show all text

  • From Twitter – In-Flight Connectivity Qantas trialing iPads for everyone on board.
  • New La. law: Sex offenders must list status on Facebook, other social media –
    A new Louisiana law requires sex offenders and child predators to state that criminal status on their social networking pages.

  • 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity
    People aren't always awful. Sometimes, they're maybe even just a little bit wonderful. Here are 21 pictures to remind you of that fact.

    This picture of Chicago Christians who showed up at a gay pride parade to apologize for homophobia in the Church.

    … and the reaction from the parade.

    This story about Japanese senior citizens who volunteered to tackle the nuclear crisis at Fukushima power station so that young people wouldn't have to subject themselves to radiation.

    This picture of two  show all text

  • Governor Statement on Lana’i Sale — Office of the Governor

  • Twitter / colerise: Pier 29 fire! Roof collaps
    Instantly connect to what's most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news.

  • Action.IO
    Action.IO is a cloud-based development environment platform with a web-based IDE and cloud VMs, and supports Ruby, Python, Node.js and more.

  • Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 finally gets a ‘real’ Windows core | ZDNet
    – Mary Jo Foley
    The rumors were true: Windows Embedded is out and the Windows NT kernel is in with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.

  • Reading Rainbow Returns As A Startup And An iPad App | TechCrunch
    – Anthony Ha
    Back in 2009, NPR ran a story titled “‘Reading Rainbow’ Reaches Its Final Chapter.” At the time, that probably seemed like a reasonable headline — after all, after 26 years, the beloved TV show was going off the air, the victim of changing government funding priorities. But it looks like there’s actually a lot more to the Reading Rainbow story, and its next chapter is starting in earnest today, with the launch of a new iPad app.
    The app was created by RRKidz, a startup co-founded by Reading Rai…  show all text

Tech news – June 17th 2012 to June 20th 2012:

  • Twitter Blog: A new way to experience profiles: with or without replies
    – twitter
    When you visit a Twitter user’s profile, you may want to see his or her original Tweets rather than their conversations. Then again, you may enjoy seeing the back-and-forth exchanges they have with other Twitter users. Now you can have it both ways.
    When you visit the profiles of verified accounts, such as @bubbawatson, @NASCAR or @Pepsi, by default you will see their timeline of Tweets without replies: that is, you won’t see Tweets that begin with an @username. If you’d like to see all Tweets …  show all text

  • Ex-Googlers Launch MightyText, An iMessage For Android Users | TechCrunch
    During their lengthy careers at Google in both senior technical and product management roles, Maneesh Arora and Amit Sangani were able to geek out on products like AdSense, AdWords, and the now-defunct Google Health. Arora tells us that, while his time at Google was defined by smart people and ambitious ideas like these, in development there was often a tendency to "over engineer" without thinking about "the average user." He said that, while Google employees always had Gchat open and used Goog…

  • leweb – YouTube
  • Surface by Microsoft
    A tablet that's a unique expression of entertainment and creativity. A tablet that works and plays the way you want. A new type of computing. Surface.

  • FREE Face Recognition API, Face Recognition Software Apps for the masses –

  • From Twitter – WebDev   Introducing Thimble webmaking made easy
  • Digital Media’s Ever-Swifter Incursion
    In just one week, developments solidified the future of a new kind of media, with The Huffington Post and Time Inc. both announcing new tablet offerings.

  • Search and Social: How The Two Will Soon Become One | TechCrunch
    – Ben Elowitz
    Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Ben Elowitz (@elowitz).  Elowitz is the co-founder and CEO of next-generation media company Wetpaint, and the author of the Digital Quarters blog about the future of digital media. Prior to Wetpaint, Elowitz co-founded Blue Nile (NILE).
    Bing and Google each recently unveiled its own new search interface, designed to better intuit your intent and help you get to the one best answer more efficiently.  And they’ve meet it ever more clear that search is heading  show all text

  • How Depressives Surf the Web
    In a study, students who showed signs of depression tended to use the Internet differently from those who showed no symptoms of depression.

  • Target Practice | TechCrunch
    – Steve Gillmor
    Apple’s WWDC keynote had a different rhythm befitting the post Jobs post Facebook IPO world we’re in. Days after Larry Ellison’s wooden capitulation to the Cloud, the tech press could be forgiven for the pedestrian way they consumed the news. Ellison has clearly absorbed Marc Benioff’s script for the last 3 or 13 years, but made no attempt at challenging his protege’s style and passion. Tim Cook and his team relied on the power of their strategy rather than the stagecraft of the event.
    Integrate  show all text

Tech news – June 11th 2012 to June 16th 2012:

Tech news – June 8th 2012 to June 10th 2012:

Tech news – June 5th 2012 to June 7th 2012:

Tech news – June 2nd 2012 to June 5th 2012:

  • From Twitter – Media Boxee announces a cloud service.
  • Airtime
    Airtime, the live video network. The most simple, fun way to connect live to people you know, and those you should.

  • If You’re Expecting The TV Industry To Just ‘Collapse’, Keep Dreaming – SplatF
    – Dan Frommer
    The Internet has already changed the television industry significantly, and will continue to do so. But the idea that the web will cause the TV business to “collapse” is fantasy.
    Henry Blodget has just written a wildly popular post called “Don’t Mean To Be Alarmist, But The TV Business May Be Starting To Collapse.” Henry’s post argues that changing TV viewer behavior, catalyzed by things like the Internet, Netflix, Hulu, iPad, etc., could cause the TV industry to rapidly collapse, the way the n…  show all text

  • CRM, the cloud, and the social enterprise –
    CRM software and cloud computing for the social enterprise from, the leader in CRM solutions. Free 30-day trial.

  • NYT: “MEN invented the internet” – Boing Boing
    – Xeni Jardin
    What a steaming turd of an opening line in David Streitfeld's otherwise serviceable New York Times piece about the Ellen Pao/Kleiner Perkins sexual harassment lawsuit, and gender discrimination in Silicon Valley.
    Here's the opening graf (bold-ing, mine):

    MEN invented the Internet. And not just any men. Men with pocket protectors. Men who idolized Mr. Spock and cried when Steve Jobs died. Nerds. Geeks. Give them their due. Without men, we would never know what our friends were doing five minutes  show all text

  • Don’t Mean To Be Alarmist, But The TV Business May Be Starting To Collapse – Business Insider
    – Henry Blodget
    In the first decade of the commercial Internet–the 1990s and early 2000s–there were frequent murmurings that newspapers were screwed.
    The digital audience didn't read newspapers, people pointed out. They visited web sites. They read articles here and there. But they didn't put the stack of articles, photos, and ads known as a "newspaper" on their breakfast table and flip through the whole thing.
    What's more, the digital audience stopped using newspapers as a reference and source for commerce….  show all text

  • siberianfruit – Startup CEOs, stop acting like victims.
    The overwhelmingly popular top answer to the Quora question: “What does it feel like to be the CEO of a start-up?” has received a whopping 931 upvotes and at least one down vote – from me! (Anyone else down voted that? Let me know 🙂 )
    Read the answer and a sad-sad picture of a victim with extremely unhealthy dependencies emerges. As a startup CEO, you can’t sleep! You don’t have weekends! You live with endless guilt (assuming that you spend any minute of the day on anything other than work). Y…  show all text

  • The Instagram Effect? Mobile Photo Sharing App PicPlz To Shut Down Permanently On July 3 | TechCrunch
    – Colleen Taylor
    PicPlz, the mobile photo sharing app that is perhaps known best for being an early and direct competitor with Instagram, will shut down permanently on July 3.
    PicPlz delivered the news through a short post on its company blog as well as in a brief email to users that read:
    “On July 3, 2012, picplz will shut down permanently and all photos and data will be deleted.
    Until then, you can log in and download your photos by clicking on the download link next to each photo in your photo feed.
    Thank y…  show all text

  • 32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow
    An abridged guide to the many ways that your day is about to get better.

  • Can You Handle the Truth? Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Movie is Going to be a Disaster | PandoDaily
    – Farhad Manjoo
    Here’s a prediction: Aaron Sorkin’s film adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography is going to be a disaster. It will likely be a good-looking, entertaining disaster, full of fast-talking geniuses who deliciously get their comeuppance at the hand of the even smarter, faster-talking Jobs. When it opens at a theater near you in a few years’ time, the film will become the toast of Hollywood and an instant blockbuster, and not long after it will attain the status of documentary truth: So…  show all text