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  • The Flight From Conversation
    We use technology to keep one another at distances we can control: not too close, not too far, just right: the Goldilocks effect.

  • Instagram // ben’s blog
    – Ben Horowitz
    Now what the hell is you lookin’ for? Can’t a young man get money anymore? Let my pants sag down to the floor Really do it matter as long as I score? —Mase, Lookin’ at me
    Two years ago we invested $250,000 in Instagram. Thanks to the spectacular vision and effort of Kevin Systrom and the Instagram team, the investment will be worth $78,000,000 when the Faceboook acquisition closes. The work that Kevin and team did will go down as legend in the industry and we thank them immensely. We also thank  show all text

  • Wal-Mart Hushed Up a Vast Mexican Bribery Case
    Confronted with evidence of widespread corruption in Mexico, top Wal-Mart executives focused more on damage control than on rooting out wrongdoing, an examination by The New York Times found.

  • The day software ate Cisco | ZDNet
    – Phil Wainewright
    It hasn’t happened yet. It’s another of my predictions. But it suddenly struck me this week, as I read about the latest developments in cloud networking. Five or so years from now, the day will come when Cisco will have shrunken almost to nothing, eaten by software.
    Marc Andreessen’s phrase, “software is eating the world,” coined for a Wall Street Journal article last August, succinctly captures the single most important trend in our world today — not only in computing but in the entire field of  show all text


  • The Top of My Todo List

  • How Andreessen Horowitz Bunted on an Instagram Investment –
    Three years into his new gig as a venture capitalist, Marc Andreessen has already scored big wins on his investments in Skype, LinkedIn and, if all goes well, Twitter. But he does not always win. Here is the tale of how one of Silicon Valley's most prominent investors bunted on Instagram.

  • Reuters applies foreign exchange rate to 50 Cent. He is now k… on Twitpic
  • Apple Marketing SVP Phil Schiller dumps Instagram over expansion to Android | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence
    – 9to5Mac
    Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is not the only photo-loving business executive upset by Instagram in recent weeks. While Dorsey stopped posting photos from his Instagram after Facebook reportedly beat his Twitter to an acquisition of Instagram, Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller quit his Instagram for another reason: Android.
    A reader noticed that Schiller had deleted his Instagram account – which was “@schiller” – and then reached out to Apple’s most visible public speaker by Twitter for  show all text

  • Instagram Has ‘Jumped the Shark,’ Says Top Apple Exec [UPDATED]
    – Chris Taylor
    The $1 billion photo-sharing app Instagram — once named “app of the year” by Apple — has now “jumped the shark,” according to Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller.
    And not only is Schiller trashing the service (in a brief message to Apple enthusiast Clayton Braasch), he has also deleted his Instagram account (@schiller) entirely (much like some thousands of other users.)
    What got Schiller so upset? Not the billion-dollar acquisition by Facebook, apparently. “It ‘jumped the shark’ when it went …  show all text

Are you using WordPress? Have you ever thought about cross posting a post you make on Google Plus over to your blog? It is an interesting idea. Many bloggers write their content and then link to it but Google Plus could be the source of your post if you want.
I have done this a couple times and it works pretty well. There are some caveats and things you need to do to make things work correctly. In a nutshell the magic involves patching together: proper post formatting, RSS and, the IFTTT (If this then that) service.
Proper formatting and RSS
First, we need to get your Google+ feed into RSS. That's possible but the thing is, there isn’t the notion of a title on your Google+ post. Because of this, the RSS generators just shove some text from the beginning of your post into the title field. That isn't going to work for us because we need a title for our blog post. Fortunatly I figured this out previously. I wrote here: about a Yahoo Pipe I created that uses the unique feature of bolding the first few words and turns them into the Title of your RSS feed entry. See that post for more details and a link to the Yahoo Pipe, you are going to need it.
Silly name for a very useful tool for gluing together different services. Go to and join if you haven't already. If you are new, IFTTT calls different services (for example, RSS, Twitter, Facebook) Channels. You create a Task to link different Channels together. You'll need to create a Channel for your WordPress blog. Click Get Channels and then click on the WordPress icon. Follow the prompts and enter the details. It is pretty straight forward. Side note: you are giving a service access to post for you. If you and the administrator on your blog and haven't yet, you should set up another user on your blog to make these posts. I don't recommend giving some web service full admin access to you blog!
OK, so assuming you now have your Google+ RSS feed from the Yahoo Pipe and you have enabled your WP Channel on IFTTT , you can use my Recipe (Recipes are tasks you have created and then shared with others) to build the bridge. Here is a link to my Google+ to WordPress Recipe:
You'll see that, for this task, I require a Keyword. This way, not everything gets cross posted to my blog, only those things I choose to post by adding something unique like #tlw. In theory, you could use this method for different blogs and use different keywords to send your posts where ever you want.

Google+ RSS
Getting a nice clean RSS feed from Google Plus aka Google+

Tech news – April 15th 2012 to April 20th 2012:

Many sites like Google+, Gmail and Tweetdeck like to use a custom scroll bar. This is that scroll bar over on the right that looks more like it is part of the page than window of the browser. Often this bar is a light gray color and I find it hard to find on the screen.

I put this little script up on Stylish that will make the scroll bar blue on any page that uses webkit scrollbars.

To use it in Chrome you just need the Stylish extension found here:

Blue Webkit Scrollbar –
Customize your web browser with this user style.

Tech news – April 13th 2012 to April 15th 2012:

  • Web freedom faces greatest threat ever, warns Google’s Sergey Brin | Technology | The Guardian
    – Ian Katz
    Exclusive: Threats range from governments trying to control citizens to the rise of Facebook and Apple-style 'walled gardens'
    The principles of openness and universal access that underpinned the creation of the internet three decades ago are under greater threat than ever, according to Google co-founder Sergey Brin.
    In an interview with the Guardian, Brin warned there were "very powerful forces that have lined up against the open internet on all sides and around the world". "I am more worried t…  show all text

  • The Mobile Paradox | TechCrunch
    – Contributor
    Editor’s note: Guest author Keith Teare is General Partner at his incubator Archimedes Labs and CEO of He was a co-founder of TechCrunch. Follow him on Twitter @kteare.
    Google’s stock declined by over 4% yesterday. Many have put this down to the company’s decision to create a non-voting class of stock as part of a control-retention exercise as the founders sell shares. But more is going on here.
    In the same week as Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion as part of its efforts to be…  show all text

  • Web freedom faces greatest threat ever, warns Google’s Sergey Brin | Technology | The Guardian
    – Ian Katz
    Exclusive: Threats range from governments trying to control citizens to the rise of Facebook and Apple-style 'walled gardens'
    The principles of openness and universal access that underpinned the creation of the internet three decades ago are under greater threat than ever, according to Google co-founder Sergey Brin.
    In an interview with the Guardian, Brin warned there were "very powerful forces that have lined up against the open internet on all sides and around the world". "I am more worried t…  show all text

  • How I Got Ripped At 500 Startups | TechCrunch
    – Contributor
    Editor’s note: Dick Talens is one of the founders of Fitocracy and an amateur competitive bodybuilder. Follow him on Twitter @DickTalens.
    Little sleep, lots of stress, free food at all hours, and Paul Singh constantly try to booze you under the table. Sounds like the old college days when you tried to rush for Sigma Chi, doesn’t it?
    But nope. That describes life at 500 Startups.
    For a former fat kid like me, it’s an environment where I can accidentally gain 15 lbs in the blink of an eye.  Put a…  show all text

  • coachella – YouTube
  • Behind Instagram Feat, Networking the Old Way
    The founders of Instagram, now multimillionaires after Facebook bought their app this week, were helped along the way by the tight web in the Bay Area tech scene.

  • Why Airport Security Is Broken—And How to Fix It –
    Air travel would be safer if we allowed knives, lighters and liquids on board and focused on disrupting new terror plots. A former head of the Transportation Security Administration, Kip Hawley, on embracing risk.

  • Secrets of the Most Productive People I Know |
    – Margaret Heffernan
    The path to productivity is not a new assistant or project management software. It's these four shared characteristics.
    Like most everyone else, I worry about productivity. Since there aren't more hours in the day, how can I get more done? That's made me reflect on the truly productive people I've known or worked with throughout my career.
    They all share certain characteristics:
    1. They have a life.
    Far from being the maniacally focused, late night or early morning types, truly creative innovat…  show all text

  • Google BBS Terminal
    Google BBS Terminal – What Google would have looked like in the 80s. A working service after a video by

  • Sword & Laser Episode 1: We Kick-off The Magicians!

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  • True or false: Citrix is more compatible with AWS — Tech News and Analysis
    – Randy Bias, Cloudscaling
    The hubbub around Tuesday’s Citrix announcement has died down a bit, but I’d like to highlight one particular area of confusion: the cavalier use of phrases like “AWS compatibility” and “Amazon-style architectures.” These terms have been used interchangeably, but are they really the same thing?
    As part of the Citrix announcement, Sameer Dholakia, their general manager of cloud platforms said:
    “….we believe the biggest winners in the Cloud Era will be clouds built on a platform that is designed …  show all text

  • Selling You on Facebook –
    Many popular Facebook apps obtain sensitive information about users—and users' friends—so don't be surprised if details about your religious, political and even sexual preferences start popping up in unexpected places.

  • Why Gamification Can’t Be Stopped
    – Sam Laird
    From recycling, to personal health, to corporate culture, gamification is seeping into all aspects of everyday life. The practice of applying game mechanics to non-game contexts — for example fandom, separating trash from glass or meeting company goals — has exploded in the past few years.
    Since the beginning, the California-based company Bunchball has been at the emerging industry’s forefront and today works with companies including including Comcast, the Los Angeles Kings, Hasbro and Warner B…  show all text

  • NBC Fires Producer of Misleading Zimmerman Tape –
    The network reacted to the furor that erupted after it was revealed that its edit took George Zimmerman's comments on Trayvon Martin's race out of context.

  • The blood, sweat, and tears of living the startup life. « Chris McCann’s Personal Blog
    – Chris McCann
    TLDR: Startups are unimaginably difficult. Tweet this.
    Right now joining or starting a startup is the sexy thing to do, but don’t get fooled by the hype.
    It’s so easy to get swept up in the great stories and lives of people like Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Elon Musk & how successful their respective companies are. It’s tempting to sit in your bed at night dreaming of leaving your high paying banking or corporate job and heading west to Silicon Valley, leaving the cubicle farm to make a di…  show all text

  • Why Bob Woodward is wrong about the internet and journalism — Tech News and Analysis
    – Mathew Ingram
    Anyone who has followed the media for the past half century or so knows that Bob Woodward is a giant in the field, one half of the legendary investigative team of Woodward and Bernstein — a man who helped to bring down a U.S. president and defined a generational shift in the practice of journalism. In other words, someone whose opinions on the craft of journalism are probably worth listening to. But should we believe him when he argues that the internet is not really of any benefit when it comes  show all text

  • Etsy Hacker Grants: Supporting Women in Technology | Etsy News
    – precipice
    Photo by bitterfruitjewelry

    Marc Hedlund is VP of Engineering at Etsy. He has managed engineers in Internet companies from coast to coast, and is currently writing a book for O’Reilly Media on engineering management.
    Today, in conjunction with Hacker School, Etsy is announcing a new scholarship and sponsorship program for women in technology: we’ll be hosting the summer 2012 session of Hacker School in the Etsy headquarters, and we’re providing ten Etsy Hacker Grants of $5,000 each — a total …  show all text

  • Twitter Blog: Shutting down spammers
    – Twitter
    Twitter continues to grow at a record pace — we now have 140 million active users and more than 340 million Tweets each day. As our reach expands, we become a more attractive target for spammers. While spam is a small fraction of the incredible content you can find on Twitter, we know just how distracting it can be. We have previously discussed the ways we deal with spam on Twitter. Our engineers continue to combat spammers’ efforts to circumvent our safeguards, and today we’re adding another…  show all text

  • 2012 Update from the CEO – Investor Relations – Google

  • From Twitter – Google will turn your 2D videos to 3D. Must be HD first. Kind of kludgy and takes a while.