What I’m reading and finding for August 28th 2011 through August 31st 2011:

What I’m reading and finding for August 25th 2011 through August 28th 2011:

  • When @Irene Met Hurricane Irene – Digits – WSJ
    – Pui-Wing Tam
    By Vauhini Vara
    When Hurricane Irene started moving up the eastern seaboard, Irene Tien, a 28-year-old New Yorker, provided a punch line for her coworkers.
    “I’m very, very calm and pretty relaxed and laid-back—pretty much the opposite of a hurricane,” says Ms. Tien. “I guess that’s funny.”
    It became less funny when people started mistaking Ms. Tien for the hurricane on Twitter. On the social-messaging service where people post 140-character messages that anyone can read, Ms. Tien has since 2006…  show all text
  • 031 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!
  • Twitter, faster than earthquakes
  • City Orders Evacuation of Coastal Areas
    With Hurricane Irene pushing toward the East Coast, officials made plans to shut down the city’s mass transit system on Saturday, and the mayor ordered a mandatory evacuation of certain coastal areas.
  • Bloody Thursday: Google Deadpools All Slide Products Except One | TechCrunch
    – MG Siegler
    Because we needed more big tech news this week. Yes, it’s true that Google has just brought the hammer down on Slide, as Liz Gannes of AllThingsD first reported earlier this evening. Yes, it’s also true that Max Levchin is leaving. Now we also know the fate of all of the Slide products. And it’s not pretty.
    All of them are being discontinued — except one, we’ve learned. This means both the Slide products before Google’s acquisition of the company a year ago, and the newer ones that the Slide te…  show all text
  • New Apple CEO Tim Cook: ‘I’m Thinking Printers’ | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source
    SAN FRANCISCO—Following the resignation of Apple founder Steve Jobs, incoming CEO Tim Cook called a meeting of shareholders and members of the press Thursday morning to announce that he envisioned printers as the company’s future.
  • Steve Jobs’s Best Quotes – Digits – WSJ
    – Jennifer Valentino-DeVries
    Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO of Apple, the company he founded and turned into the largest technology company in the world. Although his tenure as CEO will be remembered for ushering in fundamental changes in the way people interact with technology, he has also been known for his salesmanship, his ability to turn a phrase – and a knack for taking complicated ideas and making them easy to understand. Below, a compendium of some of the best Steve Jobs quotes.
    On Technology
    “It takes these ve…  show all text

What I’m reading and finding for August 22nd 2011 through August 24th 2011:

What I’m reading and finding for August 20th 2011 through August 22nd 2011:

What I’m reading and finding for August 18th 2011 through August 19th 2011:

  • Apple Sneaks A Big Change Into iOS 5: Phasing Out Developer Access To The UDID | TechCrunch
    – Erick Schonfeld
    Apple is making a lot of big changes to its mobile operating system with iOS 5, which is dribbling out in betas for developers ahead of a general release later this year. But there is one big change some developers are just starting to take notice of that Apple isn’t talking about that much. In a recent update to the documentation for iOS 5 (which is only available to registered Apple developers, but a copy was forwarded to me), Apple notes that it will be phasing out access to the unique device  show all text
  • Tech community, are we MTV or TED? – The Washington Post
    50Kings founder Francisco Dao issues a challenge to the tech community to stop following a Kim Kardashian-style business model.
  • Google+ Hangouts Can Now Be Initiated From YouTube
    – Charlie White
    Google has quietly rolled out yet another feature of its Google+ social network, letting users click Share from any YouTube video, revealing an icon that suggests watching the video with friends in a Google+ hangout.
    Google didn’t formally announce this new feature, instead revealing it via product manager Brian Glick on — where else — Google+, where he casually mentioned it like so:
    You can now start a Google+ Hangout with a YouTube video, directly from YouTube. Watch with your friends. 🙂
    Just  show all text
  • #Hub140 – @HubSpot Acquires Social Media Marketing Company @oneforty – http://bit.ly/Hub140–
  • The Secret of the Fibonacci Sequence in Trees – Great read. 7th grader has some great ideas for getting more power from solar cells.
  • Google Hires Silicon Valley Tech Blogger Louis Gray as Google+ Evangelist | TechCrunch
    – Sarah Perez
    Notable Silicon Valley tech blogger and startup consultant Louis Gray is finally turning his passion for Google’s products and services into a career. Gray has just accepted the position of Product Marketing Manager on the Google+ team, an evangelist role involving the promotion of Google’s new Facebook competitor, Google+.
    The role is loosely defined, but will involve working with Google+ engineers to improve the product, setting future goals for Google+, and, most importantly, promoting the s…  show all text
  • AT&T to kill $10/month texting plan – AT&T confirmed today that it will dump its $10 per month texting plan next week.

What I’m reading and finding for August 16th 2011 through August 18th 2011:

What I’m reading and finding for August 14th 2011 through August 16th 2011:

  • President Obama Joins Foursquare
    – Ben Parr
    Foursquare has just gained its highest-profile user yet: President Barack Obama.
    “The White House is now on Foursquare, a location-based social networking website, which is the latest way for you to engage with the administration,” The White House said on its blog. “There are over 10 million people already “checking in” around the world, and now you’ll be able to discover “tips” from the White House featuring the places President Obama has visited, what he did there, plus historical information…  show all text
  • Rope-A-Dope, Indeed
    Sometimes you want so badly to say “I told you so!” after months of getting kicked in the ass, that you do so without really looking into what you’re writing about. Or even thinking, really.
    Such is the predicament Dan Lyons finds himself in today.
    The artist formerly known as Fake Steve Jobs wrote the following this morning immediately after hearing about Google buying Motorola:
    Everyone was baffled when Google made those crazy bids for the Nortel patents last month. Remember? They bid things …  show all text
  • Exclusive: Guess who else wanted to buy Motorola? — Tech News and Analysis
    – Om Malik
    Google may not have had much of a choice when it came to buying Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. If it didn’t, someone else would have and that would have put the company in an even bigger patent hole.
    Our sources say that Motorola was in acquisition talks with several parties, including Microsoft for quite some time. Microsoft was interested in acquiring Motorola’s patent portfolio that would have allowed it to torpedo Android even further. The possibility of that deal brought Google to the  show all text
  • 21 Outrageously Beautiful Free Poster Fonts for Designers
  • Stop Coddling the Super-Rich
    We mega-rich should not continue to get extraordinary tax breaks while most Americans struggle to make ends meet.
  • A Theory of Everything (Sort of)
    From Athens to Barcelona, the middle classes are boiling mad. Why now?
  • Control what apps (including Google+ games) have access to your account information

The other day i saw this article on The Next Web about adding a Google+ share icon to your WordPress blog.  It is based on the original article from Alex Moss.  The main limitation is that it uses the mobile version of Google+ to make it work. Not a big deal just not that pretty.

So I thought this is pretty handy and while WordPress is huge among bloggers, there are still tons of other sites and blogs that might want a sharing button.  Then I thought I could take it a step further and include a way to add attribution.

On Google+, you give someone attribution or address someone by putting a + in front of their name. For example +George Washington.  Google Plus then turns these into links and notifies the person they have been mentioned in a post. The problem is, if you “+” some one that isn’t in one of your Circles it doesn’t always work. Unless you know the little known secret: you can “+” a user number and it should work everytime. This also ensures your are attributing the right +John Smith! My code below will take advantage of this feature since people outside of your circles could be sharing from your site.

So, how do you get your user number? Just go to Google Plus and click on your profile. Your user number is that big bunch of numbers up in your url

gplus_usernumberright after plus.google.com.
Below is the code to place anywhere in your site where you want the share button to show up.

Note: If you want to use attribution, replace the numbers after via + with the numbers from YOUR user number. Be sure to leave the “+” there!

If you do NOT want to use attribution, delete everything between the quotes after attrib=. So it should read: attrib=’ ‘

<a href=”javascript:var d=document,w=window,attrib=’ via +123456789012345678901‘,e=w.getSelection,k=d.getSelection,x=d.selection,s=(e?e():(k)?k():(x?x.createRange().text:0)),f=’https://m.google.com/app/plus/x/’,l=d.location,e=encodeURIComponent,u=f+’?content=’+e(d.title)+e(‘ – ‘)+e(l.href)+e(attrib)+’&v=compose&hideloc=1′;a=function(){if(!w.open(u,’gplusshare’,’toolbar=0,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,status=1,width=450,height=295′))l.href=u;};if (/Firefox/.test(navigator.userAgent)) setTimeout(a, 0); else a();void(0)”><img src=”http://dl.dropbox.com/u/118970/plus-share.png” width=”55″ height=”22″ alt=”Share this post on Google+” title=”Share this post on Google+”></a>

Here is the same code in a text file that should make it easier to use since these kinds of things with quotation marks can get confused by browsers.  share.txt

You shoud be able to use this code on any site that lets you add html. Google may have something else in the works to make this easier. But for now, this should fill the gap.

What I’m reading and finding for August 11th 2011 through August 14th 2011:

I’ve been spending more of my on-line time on Google+.  I love it because people share great things and it is really easy to add new great people to follow.

One wish I have is to have it be even easier to share things that I find around the web. Google has made it easy for sites to add a +1 button but it isn’t exactly easy to share content. It isn’t to copy a URL and paste it into Google+ but come on, shouldn’t computers help us out here?

To that end, I have put together this bookmarklet to make sharing easier.

If you aren’t familiar with bookmarklets, they are links you add to your browser’s Bookmarks Toolbar. The idea is that you save the link below to your bookmark bar or favorites. Then when you are out on the web and want to share a page with your Google+ followers, you click the link in your bookmarks and it will grab the title and URL of your page, open a new window and let you compose a post to Google+.

Is it perfect? The good part is that it should work just fine whether you use Chrome, Firefox or even IE. Probably others too but I haven’t tested it. The caveat is that it uses the mobile version of Google+ which if you want to post publicly is easy but takes an extra step if you want to just post to some of your Circles.

How to get the bookmarklet

First be sure that your Bookmarks bar is turned on (see below if not)

Drag this link: Share to G+ up to your Bookmarks Toolbar.

UPDATE 29OCT11: New version! See the update at the end of this post.

A note about Bookmarklets in Chrome: Seems there is a bug in Google Chrome that doesn’t automatically set the title of a bookmarklet so you just get the default icon. The icon will work just fine but if you want a title next to it so you remember what the link does, simply right-click on the icon in your bookmark bar and click edit. Add a name like “Share to G+” (without the quotes) and then click OK. Update 29oct11: Since the original post, Google has fixed this issue.

How to turn on the bookmark bar in various browsers
To turn on the Bookmark Bar in Chrome:

  • Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.
  • Select Bookmarks.
  • Select Always show bookmarks bar.
  • (or ctrl+shift+B)

To turn on the Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox:

  • On the menu bar, click View, select Toolbars, and then select Bookmarks Toolbar.

To turn on the Links bar in IE:

  • On the menu bar, click View, select Toolbars, and then select Links.
  • Note: in IE, it might be easier for you to right-click on the link above and then select ‘Add to Favorites’. Then in the dialog that pops up, choose the links folder.

When you are on a page and you click the bookmarklet you will see this screen. See the notes on it for more information:

Google+ share dialog

UPDATE 29OCT11: New version does a +1 and Share using the interface well are all used to in Google+! Now your shares don’t look like they are coming from the mobile interface. Drag this one to your toolbar:
+Share on G+