What I’m reading and finding for May 29th 2011 through May 30th 2011:

  • From Twitter – RT @RWW iChromy Bookmarking Service Diigo Releases A Chrome-like iPad Browser http://rww.to/jACkRw
  • Twitter Is Launching Its Own Photosharing Service
    – Alexia Tsotsis
    Twitter has been completely emphatic about where developers should stake a claim, with Twitter Platform Lead Ryan Sarver warning the ecosystem to stay away from building “client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience.”
    Well if Sarver stays true to his word the Twitpics and Yfrogs of of the world can just it give up now. According to multiple sources, Twitter is on the verge on announcing its own built in Twitpic competitor. Like tomorrow, if things go ac…  show all text


  • Airbnb Has Arrived: Raising Mega-Round at a $1 Billion+ Valuation
    – Sarah Lacy
    According to several sources Airbnb is in the process of closing a whopper of a funding round: $100 million or more at a $1 billion-plus valuation. The round is being lead by Andreessen Horowitz, and includes participation from DST, say our sources.
    That’s a big increase from the company’s last funding round of $7.2 million, which included Sequoia Capital, Greylock, SV Angel, Ashton Kutcher and Youniversity Ventures (Kutcher broke the news that he’s an investor in AirBnB at TechCrunch Disrupt l…  show all text


  • PBS hacked in retribution for Frontline Wikileaks episode – Boing Boing
    – Xeni Jardin
    The PBS.org website, and data associated with the PBS television network, its programs, and its affiliate stations, appear to have just been hacked by an entity calling itself LulzSec. The information compromised and published appears to include network, server, and database details and logins, as well as user login data for some PBS staff and contractors who access the PBS computer network.
    They identify themselves as unrelated to “Anonymous”.
    According to the tweets, the intrusion is in retri…  show all text


  • Users Say They’re More Likely To Buy If A Business Answers Their…
    – Alexia Tsotsis
    Currently I am not in Cancun. The reason I am not in Cancun is out of my contro…  show all text


  • From Twitter – RT @Techmeme Linus Torvalds Approves Linux 3.0 RC1 (Ethan McKinney / Conceivably Tech) http://j.mp/ieeSST
  • From Twitter – RT @raygrieselhuber $5 gas coming this summer, says Goldman Sachs. It’s not a prediction, but a buy recommendation. http://ow.ly/55I27

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