What I’m reading and finding for February 27th 2011 through February 28th 2011:

What I’m reading and finding for February 26th 2011 through February 27th 2011:

  • Brief Thoughts on Angel List, "Social Proof", "Spray & Pray", & The Network Effects of Large Scale Investing – Master of 500 Hats
    (ok folks, i've gotta take the kids to basketball practice in a few hours, so will try to power through this — that means limited crazy fonts, profanity, wild pix… sorry little monsters, next time 😉
    3 major points i plan to cover in this post:
    1) Angel List Fucking Rocks. Period.  it's the single greatest innovation in our industry in the last 5 years (aside from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, & Quora) and it's great for almost all participants. and while social proof can be abused /..  show all text

  • Unfit for Democracy?
    Don’t tell people dying for freedom in the Arab world that they’re not ready for it.

  • How One Startup Will Prioritize Your Social Inbox & Personalize the Web – Facebook’s news feed, Twitter’s update stream, and a barrage of RSS feeds can be a lot to manage, and My6Sense has built a business around helping its users sort out the most important information from the rest of the hairball.
  • From Twitter – RT @Karoli great piece by @dsearls on why Al Jazeera rocks and the rest of them are missing the boat. http://bit.ly/glTm7F
  • What’s The Real Deal With AngelList?
    techcrunch.com – marksuster
    Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by @msuster (Mark Suster), a 2x entrepreneur, now VC at GRP Partners. His second company was sold this company to Salesforce.com, where he served as VP of Product Management.  Read more about Suster at Bothsidesofthetable.
    There’s lots of discussion out there about a new and much-loved service called AngelList that connects entrepreneurs to angel investors.
    I was reluctant to write about AngelList because the debate on pros / cons is pretty n..  show all text

  • From Twitter – RT @sandiegopchelp Hacker Writes Easy-to-use Mac Trojan http://bit.ly/eDcXVl
  • Why I Deleted My AngelList Account
    Yesterday I deleted my AngelList account. Doing so generated a lot of questions on Twitter, in email and from the press so I want to explain myself.
    Its a decision I’ve been wrestling with for the last few months as I’ve found the service increasingly not matching my investment philosophy. That’s not to say the service isn’t a valuable one for entrepreneurs or even certain kinds of investors. I believe that it can be. Its just not a fit for me.
    For those not fa..  show all text

What I’m reading and finding for February 24th 2011 through February 26th 2011:

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  • Cyber-D Software: Cyber-D’s Autodelete 2.24 – Cyber-D's Autodelete can delete old files in a folder (and subfolders) you selected. Simply select the folder you wish to clean (downloads for example), set the rules (older than 30 days since created) and how to delete (move, recycle, secure delete).
  • WordPress › WordPress 3.1, lots of fun
    wordpress.org – Matt Mullenweg
    The long-awaited fourteenth release of WordPress is now available. WordPress 3.1 “Reinhardt” is named in honor of the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Version 3.1 is available for download, or you can update from within your dashboard.
    This release features a lightning fast redesigned linking workflow which makes it easy to link to your existing posts and pages, an admin bar so you’re never more than a click away from your most-used dashboard pages, a streamline..  show all text

  • From Twitter – RT @timoreilly RT @dannysullivan awesome mega chart of amazon v netflix v hulu offerings from @clicker http://bit.ly/eDrfmO
  • Twitter Puts the Smack Down on Another Popular App: Whither Twitter as a Platform?
    readwriteweb.com – Mike Melanson
    This morning TwapperKeeper, the Twitter-based service that allowed users to create and export archives of Tweets around certain words or hashtags, announced that it would be shutting down a number of key features of the service to remain in compliance with Twitter's Terms of Service.
    According to the company's blog post, the archiving and API features will be shut down by March 20. While TwapperKeeper may be just one service among many to be forced into compliance, is its fate indicative of a l..  show all text

  • Square – Pricing

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  • ÜberSocial Download

  • Google May Kill Chrome URL Bar | ConceivablyTech
    conceivablytech.com – Wolfgang Gruener
    Google is working on a "major" overhaul of its Chrome browser user interface (UI). Among the options on the table is the elimination of the URL bar, which could be the most significant UI change to the web browser since its invention. Another feature that appears to be already signed off is the support of multiple user profiles that can be used in parallel.

  • Paul Miller And The Five Rules Of Stunt Resignation
    techcrunch.com – Paul Carr
    On Friday afternoon, Paul J. Miller caused what passes for a kerfuffle inside the technology journalism meta-bubble.
    Miller, as you know, is “Senior Associate Editor” at our estranged sister site Engadget – or at least he was until yesterday when he posted a resignation note on his blog. The reason for his leaving? The Aol Way.
    You’ve already read the document: Tim Armstong and David Eun’s 58-page death warrant for journalists and the practice of journalism at Aol…  show all text

  • Twitter Isn’t Journalism, Or Is It? Perhaps It’s the Wrong Question Brian Solis
    briansolis.com – brian
    I was asked to enter the Bloomberg BusinessWeek Debate Room to make the case “for” Twitter as a platform for journalism. On the other side, ScribbleLive CEO Michael De Monte debates why it is “for the birds.”
    But before we get to far into the discussion, let’s frame the discussion. The original debate topic posed by BusinessWeek, “Twitter Isn’t Journalism, Or Is It?” is a bit misleading  and honestly, I think it’s the wrong question to ..  show all text

  • Gillmor Gang 2.19.11 (TCTV)
    techcrunch.com – Steve Gillmor
    The Gillmor Gang conflated two major stories this week into one: Apple’s terms of service for app store approval, and Twitter’s actions regarding UberMedia. The noise regarding Apple being hauled in front of the DOJ illustrates just how powerful Apple’s strategy continues to be. As many point out, Android’s market share makes it virtually impossible to tar iOS with monopoly status. It’s almost as though Erick and Steve planned it that way, right down to Google foll..  show all text