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  • When businesses attack…their customers (Social Studies Blog)
    Get Satisfaction is better known these days for providing a platform for companies to “love their customers,” but at times it’s also a channel for consumers to make their voices heard to companies that actively spurn them. Ever since we launched, GS has allowed people to post an issue about any company, whether or not the company has created an official community space.
    An article in today’s New York Times, A Bully Finds a Pulpit on the Web, profiles a company that takes..   show all text

  • Cables Shine Light Into Secret Diplomatic Channels
    A huge trove of State Department communiqués offers an extraordinary look at the inner workings, and sharp elbows, of diplomacy.

  • US cable TV bleeds subscribers as online grows – Yahoo! News
  • Jolicloud Jolibook review — Engadget
    The Jolicloud Jolibook. Oh yes, it's sounded like a made-up device ever since the pictures of it started to leak out, but the netbook centered around the Jolicloud Linux operating system is indeed a real product. So real that we've been using the Atom N550-powered system over the past few days. Sure, we've gotten looks in public because its cartoon-covered lid, but the £279 ($443) machine isn't meant for "grown-ups" — it's intended for a younger set, or those between the ages o..   show all text

  • When a Twitter Post Can Land You in Court – TIME – StumbleUpon
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  • Sites With Government Seized Domains Are Moving On, On Twitter
    Last week while everyone was waiting for the COICA bill to move through Congress, the US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency one upped the Attorney General and seized domain names from a group of over 70 copyright infringing websites. A visit to the blacklisted domains now results in the below ominous looking message from Homeland Security. While the graphic is pretty scary, as Market Ticker’s Karl Denninger points out the websites themselves and the servers they run on hav..   show all text

  • In Iowa, Palin Signs Books but Sidesteps Politics
    The former Republican vice presidential nominee greeted hundreds of fans but had nothing to say about her plans.

  • 6 Ways to Score a Job Through Twitter
    Twitter has become a great resource for just about anything, including jobs. From industry chats to Twitter accounts dedicated to posting vacancies, there are a ton of resources for landing a gig.
    We’ve already chronicled how to get a job through Facebook and YouTube, and now we’re taking a look at the job hunting process on Twitter.
    We spoke with nine Tweeters who have landed jobs through Twitter to get their top tips for success on the platform. Below you’ll find a guide to ..   show all text

  • Gmail Lite: If You Build It Google, We Will Come
    I’ve seen the future of messaging — it looks a lot like Facebook Messages. More specifically, it looks like the new version of Facebook Messages that the company began rolling out two weeks ago. But I’m not sure that the future is Facebook Messages. At least not for me. Because that’s simply not how I have used Facebook and it’s too hard to switch my patterns now. And that’s why Gmail has a huge opportunity. We need a Gmail Lite.
    At first, I was underwhelmed ..   show all text

  • War Machines: Recruiting Robots for Combat
    New robots — none of them very human-looking — are being designed to handle a broad range of tasks, despite controversy about the impact on future warfare.

  • The Good Old Days
    Stream of consciousness you say? Trying to find something on what used to be called the Internet is now officially a full time job. It’s not so much that various media strategies and hardware devices have carved things up into a tangle. It’s that what passes for interesting has been shorn of a reliable index in the move toward social filtering. We’re not there yet, the message seems to be. Is there a there there we are going to get to? Not clear.
    Navigating Apple TV and its va..   show all text

  • How To Say No
    I have the hardest time saying no. Lots of people do. It’s one of those things we do to foil up our lives quite often. Why? Because we hate to disappoint. Because we think it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Because we want to say yes and be more positive. There are lots of things that thwart us from saying no.
    Personally, I’m an avoider. That’s even worse. Because I don’t do well at just saying, “You know, this isn’t going to work.” But that&r..   show all text

  • 3 Michigan Boys Missing – – Toledo’s News Leader |

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  • Can Anything Stop The Facebook Juggernaut?
    So. Facebook. $35 billion valuation; 600 million users; 25% of all US internet traffic — and all that with fewer employees than Google has job openings. The inventor of the World Wide Web recently warned that the web may be endangered by Facebook’s colossal walled garden. A Google engineer was recently paid $3.5 million to not jump ship to work there. Facebook seems an unstoppable juggernaut. And I kind of want them to die.
    Not because of their policies. They’ve been..   show all text

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  • From Twitter – RT @wizardelite Love Google Voice! The Most Helpful Ways to Use Google Voice that You're Not Using
  • From Twitter – RT @bworley More details on Kindle 2 $89 deal – goes live at 9am Pacific time at amazon. limited quantities. #blackfriday #tLw
  • Angry Birds Soon to Dominate Your Console – If you pay attention to technology in any way whatsoever, you've heard of Angry Birds. This smash hit mobile game is available on Android, iPhone, Symbian, and WebOS. But developer Rovio has announced that the game will be arriving on full game consoles in the near future, the BBC reports. The game will be distributed through the online markets on the Wii, Xbox, and PS3.

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  • iPad ‘newspaper’ created by Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch | Technology |
  • Twitter Tools
  • YouTube – Young Boy Strip Searched By TSA
  • Facebook Removing Gmail From List Of Third Party Email Providers
  • Oregon Senator Wyden effectively kills Internet censorship bill | Raw Story
  • Twitter Testing A New “People” Tab: All Your Social Graph Steroids In One Place
    Since the launch of New Twitter in September, things have been pretty quiet on the new feature front. Yes, they’re testing out a new analytics product, but in terms of features that the majority of end users will use, Twitter has mainly been letting people get used to the new layout of things. But now they’ve started testing something new. A new top nav tab called “People”.
    The area, which Twitter has confirmed their testing among a limited number of users, is basically ..   show all text

  • HootSuite Releases iPad App for Social Media Management
    HootSuite for iPad has arrived. With the release, the startup, which makes social media dashboards for web and mobile, has ported its business-targeted product for social media management across multiple services to the Apple device.
    HootSuite for iPad includes support for multiple Twitter, Facebook (profiles and Pages) and Foursquare accounts, message scheduling, Twitter search, geo-location and click statistics. The application also offers a quick import option for existing HootSuite users lo..   show all text