iTunes is a necessary evil if you have an iOS device. The thing I dislike most is that the installer doesn’t give you much control over the changes made to your Windows system. Over on ZDnet, Ed Bott wrote a great unofficial guide to installing iTunes 10 without bloatware. Go there if you want to know all of the details involved with iTunes and its various pieces. What I present below are just the steps to get things up and running.

Get things ready:

  1. Go download 7-Zip. You need it for this and it is, in my opinion, much better than the zip program that comes standard with Windows.
  2. Install 7-zip.
  3. Download the latest iTunes installer
  4. Right click on the iTunes installer and move your mouse up to the 7-zip menu 7zipand over to click on ‘Extract to ItunesSetup\’  This will extract all the files to a subdirectory of the current one.
  5. Move your mouse over the folder icon for your new ItunesSetup folder hold down your shift key and click “Open command window here” (again, that is shift+click)

Now it gets a little tricky depending on what you need and devices you have.

Everyone install this:

In the command window you just opened, type and run each of these commands in order:

  • AppleApplicationSupport.msi /passive
  • Quicktime.msi /passive
  • iTunes.msi /passive (on a 64-bit Windows system, use iTunes64.msi /passive)

Only if your share your iTunes library on your network:

  • Bonjour.msi /passive

Note: If you aren’t sharing music you don’t need Bonjour and I’d skip it.

Owners of an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone install:

  • AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi /passive (on x64 installations, use AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi /passive)

Should you install the Apple Software Update? I say no. When it is time to update, just download the new installer and go through the the brief steps above.

That’s it. Now you have only what is necessary on your computer to interact with your Apple iOS device and nothing more. Even if you end up installing it all, at least you know what was installed rather than being blinded by the Apple installer.

Filtering the web so you don’t have to for September 29th 2010

Filtering the web so you don’t have to for September 28th 2010 through September 29th 2010:

  • With LinkedIn Signal, Twitter And LinkedIn Collide
    LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner has just unveiled LinkedIn Signal at TechCrunch Disrupt, a new feature that neatly marries the worlds of LinkedIn and Twitter and allows users to apply the professional social network’s filters to Twitter’s firehose. Think of it as a window into Twitter (and LinkedIn’s updates), through the eyes of LinkedIn.
    LinkedIn Signal, which is currently in limited beta, allows users to sort through Twitter updates of LinkedIn members (you opt in by synci..   show all text

  • Skype and Facebook to Announce Partnership [REPORT]
    Facebook and Skype are working on a deal that would integrate Facebook Connect with Skype accounts, AllThingsD has learned citing sources familiar with the situation.
    ATD has managed to get a hold of a screenshot showing the new features in action: once you connect Skype with Facebook, you’d be able to SMS, chat with or call your Facebook friends directly from Skype. You should also be able to login into Skype with your Facebook credentials.
    The new features should go live in Skype 5.0 wh..   show all text

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  • Why We Sold TechCrunch To AOL, And Where We Go From Here
    By now you must have heard the news that AOL has acquired us. Here are videos of the on stage signing of the agreement and an interview with AOL CEO Tim Armstrong immediately afterwards.
    So how did all this happen? And What happens to TechCrunch now?
    In May I had a chance to interview Tim on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt: New York. After the talk we went to the speaker room for a quick private chat (this happens after most talks unless the speaker has to rush out).
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  • From Twitter – "@ChrisPirillo PlainText – FREE Dropbox Text Editor for iOS devices"

Filtering the web so you don’t have to for September 28th 2010

Filtering the web so you don’t have to for September 27th 2010 through September 28th 2010:

Filtering the web so you don’t have to for September 27th 2010

Filtering the web so you don’t have to for September 26th 2010 through September 27th 2010:

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  • AngelGate: Chris Sacca Responds To Ron Conway
    Quick summary of “AngelGate” to date:
    A Blogger Walks Into A Bar
    Dave McClure Gets Mad
    Dave McClure Gets Really Mad
    Ron Conway Goes Nuclear
    Ron Conway Clarifies
    As I said the other day, there would be more private emails getting published. This one is from Chris Sacca, a prominent “super angel” who was not at the meeting I stumbled into but was at a previous meeting. He wrote a response to the Ron Conway email. It’s worth pointing out that this email is time stampe..   show all text

  • Don’t Click The WTF Link On Twitter Unless You DO Like Sex With Goats
    Either a lot of Techies are into really kinky things, or there is a Twitter worm going around. It looks like a ton of people just started sending out Tweets saying “I Like Anal Sex With Goats.” This Tweet is followed by another one that says “WTF” and includes a link. Do NOT click on this link; it appears that it will cause you to send out the same series of Tweets from your account. It looks like this is happening across third-party clients and on
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    I have always been a big fan of video as a communication tool and YouTube is an amazing platform if you use it right.
    -it’s human -it’s you, your voice, your gesture, your feelings, much more than text -it helps you scale: if you do a talk thousands can watch it even though they’re not here or if they missed it -live is great, your community can feel the moment without being here, we use ustream at any of our launch events and LeWeb got 250,000 unique people watch the free str..   show all text

  • Ping Now Works With Your Actual iTunes Library. This Is A Thousand Times Better
    It launched with much fanfare, but I don’t think it was unreasonable to call Ping a dud out of the gate. While pretty much everyone initially signed up to try it out, a few days later, the activity stream seemed to trickle to almost nothing. And there was a good reason for that: Apple’s social network for music made it very hard to share stuff — you know, be social. But an update today makes it at least a thousand times better.
    iTunes 10.0.1 released this morning brings some b..   show all text

  • Hey Twitter: Give us our Tweets
    Welcoming baby Maren, who was born this Tuesday morning in the front seat of our car.August 31, 2010 via Twitter for iPhone seaofclouds seaofclouds
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  • Facebook Unveils Recommended Subscriptions
    What do you get when you combine the biggest collection of personal taste data in history with the world's easiest method of subscribing to syndicated content? In theory, one of the most potent recommendation engines around. Facebook quietly made available to all its 500 million plus users a new feature today called the Page Browser and though everything about it is quite understated – it could prove to be a very big deal.
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  • Does The Future Of The Internet Have Room For Web Designers? – Smashing Magazine
        It seems that new posts about what the Internet has in store for us down the road pop up every week or two. Some propose that the Internet will deliver more of the same, but different somehow (it’s usually ambiguous just how), while others propose such radical changes that it’s hard to believe they could ever happen. And the truth is, none of us really know what will happen with the Internet in 10 or 15 years.
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  • Ron Conway Drops A Nuclear Bomb On The Super Angels [Email]
    As we just stated in our previous post, there was clearly an email sent by angel investor Ron Conway to a group of super angels who were likely involved in the Bin 38 “AngelGate” meeting that Mike stumbled into a couple days ago. We’ve now received a copy of the email that Conway sent from an anonymous tipster. And we’ve confirmed it is authentic from one of the recipients.
    It’s a bombshell. No, it’s a nuclear bomb. It speaks for itself. Read i..   show all text

  • Connecting the dots: RIM may launch its Black Pad Monday – Research in Motion has been quietly touting a big press event Monday in San Francisco and it appears its Black Pad may be the main event.
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  • Introducing Stringbike: the bike with no chain (w/ Video) – Hungarian bicycle designers have unveiled their new Stringbike in Padova, Italy. The design replaces the traditional chain with a symmetrical rope and pulley system, which they say is more efficient, makes for a more comfortable ride, and provides improved maneuverability around winding streets.