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There have been a few updates to Facebook Privacy this week. If you are a user you’ll want to review your setting. Here is a primer to get you started.

What your Friends can share about you.

This lets your friends share info with sites on your behalf. Yeah, I don’t care how it enhances things. Where are your friends going that they sharing this info? YOU HAVE NO IDEA! I turn this off. All of it. Go here and deselect: What your friends can share about you

Instant Personalization

This setting allows select partners to instantly personalize their features with my public information when I first arrive on their websites. That sounds nifty but I’ve survived this long with out it. Additionally, this assumes you are browsing around the web while logged into Facebook. Gonna turn this off too. Go here and opt out: Instant Personalization

Activity on Applications and Games Dashboards

When people look at the Friends’ Recent Activity, Friends’ Applications and Friends’ Games sections, this setting controls who can see that information. You can let everyone see what you wrote, friends of friends, friends only or customize. I’d set this to Friends or Friends of Friends. Depends on your level of comfort with others seeing your comments and likes. Set this in the Applications and Websites dashboard.

Profile Information

You’ll also want to work your way through Profile Information. What I do is lock everything down to Friends only. Then I look back through and make any changes I think that would be ok for Friends of Friends to see.

It should be noted that there is an option that does not show up in the drop down when you are choosing who to share with. You have to enable it by clicking the Custom option. That setting is Only Me.  So, for example, maybe you don’t want even Friends seeing new photos of you that someone tagged. Choose the Custom option next to Photos and Videos of Me and set it to Only Me.  Be sure to change the settings under Photo Albums too. I set mine to Only Friends. There are plenty of other sites on the web if you want to make photos and videos public for all to see.

Another thing to note is Posts by Friends. This lets you help protect friends by setting your personal default for who gets to see comments that others make on your posts. I set mine so only friends can see what friends have posted on my profile.

Likewise, I only let Friends make comments on my posts. This is set by the Comments on Posts setting.

Contact Information

Next work through your Contact Information. This should be set depending on your level of comfort. For me, everything is set to Friends only except Add me as friend and Send me a message. Those I have set to everyone because if people can’t somehow connect with you than there really isn’t much point of sharing anything.

Facebook Ads

One other setting you may want to consider (and this is not within your profile or security settings) is whether you want your information to display on Facebook Social Ads. If you leave the default settings, when a friend views one of these ads for a product that you may be a fan of, it will say you are a fan. Maybe that is fine for you or maybe it is revealing too much about you? You can read more about this, see example screen shots and change the setting if you want on this page: Ads shown by third party applications

And finally, I suggest logging out when not actively on the site.

Only the paranoid survive – Andy Grove

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