Sites that I found interesting for October 23rd 2009 through October 25th 2009:

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Are you an ‘insider’ in your industry? Go to all the smart cocktail parties? Get all the breaking news before it breaks? No? You should be.

What if I told you you could find out what smart leaders in your industry are reading about and thinking right now? What has their attention or what they have marked as important. Wouldn’t that be cool?

That, dear reader, is why I am on Twitter. Granted, as a technologist it is easier as the thought leaders are early adopters and using Twitter to its fullest. If you are in other industries then you may not have others that have truly grasped the power of Twitter. You have an opportunity, in those cases, to be the leader and help the others find the way.

You see, the more you are on Twitter the more you realize that it is all about the gestures. People find something interesting that they want others to see and they retweet it. Showing you, that is, gesturing to you, that they have paid attention to that topic and are assigning value to it.

An often overlooked Twitter feature are Favorites. The gestures here are very interesting. New favorites don’t show up in your normal twitter stream but if you go to the page of someone you follow you can look at them. People use these for all kinds of things. Sometimes they are kind of ego centric, marking their own tweets that have been retweeted. More often they are used as a kind of book mark. These are the really useful ones. These say ‘this tweet is important. I may want to return to this topic in the future.’  This really gives you a kind of insider peek into what is going on. Follow them long enough and you’ll start to really feel like an insider. Trends start to become clear. Sometimes these indicate ‘what’s next’ and other times they indicate what your fiend is into. The added benefit to following retweets and favorites is that you find new people as often these tweets are from people you don’t yet follow.

Next time I’ll show you the tools I have cobbled together to keep up to date with people who share great information.

Keep sharing.

Sites that I found interesting for October 10th 2009 through October 14th 2009:

Sites that I found interesting for October 9th 2009

Sites that I found interesting for October 5th 2009 through October 8th 2009:

  • NASA preps to shoot the moon – On Friday morning October 9 at 4:31:19 a.m. PDT, NASA plans to have two spacecraft crash into the lunar surface to dig up some moon dust and search for water.
  • CopyTransManager is a Snappy and Light-Weight iTunes Alternative – If all you really want out of your iPod experience is the ability to load music, movies, and podcasts onto your iPod without any bulk or bloat, portable and free CopyTransManager is a speedy iTunes-alternative. via @isdixon on Twitter.
  • Gravatar – Globally Recognized Avatars – Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. via @MrsNatalie on Twitter.

Sites that I found interesting for September 29th 2009 through October 2nd 2009: