Have you hear about Bing? It is the new way to search the web from Microsoft. Will it replace Google for searching? Who knows but it is worth a look.

So, since tomorrow starts a new month, I propose we change our default search engines to Bing and see how we all get along.

The Bing home page always has a nice graphic and has been designed to load the graphic last so you can get straight to your searching. You can set this feature on or off by clicking on or the other of these links.

Let me know how it’s going for you.

View the Product Tour video for an excellent overview of Bing.

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Sites that I found interesting for May 27th 2009 through May 30th 2009:

One cool thing about Twitter is that it automatically creates an RSS feed of your tweets. Sometimes these can be useful to put in other places that take RSS like FriendFeed or elsewhere. However, this can be a bit ‘noisy’ especially to none Twitter users who aren’t used to self-filtering.

One of the conventions that Twitter users have adopted is the notion of hashtags. Hashtags are words with the “#” symbol in front of them. Fore example, at a conference such as Bar Camp San Diego people might put #barcampsd in their twitter post. Sometimes people get a bit carried away with them but that is a topic for another time.

These two things, RSS from Twitter and the uniqueness of hashtags, let me create this great Yahoo! Pipe. With it, you can generate an RSS feed of only your tweets containing a certain hashtag. You can then use that feed in your other applications.

Have a look at my new Yahoo Pipe. It will give you and example of how to use it.


Simply enter the hashtag you want to filter on and your twitter name and then click Run Pipe. After the pipe runs you can click on the Get as RSS button to get your new filtered Twitter Feed.

RSS is not dead. It is the glue that holds the web together.

Yesterday I wrote about Hulu Desktop and expressed my wish for it to be integrated into Windows Media Center. Well, less than 24 hours later, enterprising enthusiasts have built a method for doing just that.

Mike Garcen of Missing Remote has detailed instructions for the necessary system tweaks that put Hulu Desktop in your Media Center menu. And Yaggs, the developer of Secondrun.tv, has an easier method for those a little leary about hacking around in their system.

It appears that both of these methods do not work via MC extenders because of Hulu’s use of Flash technology.

via: Ian Dixon

Hulu labs has launched Hulu Desktop. Desktop is a new program that lets you sit back from the PC and navigate Hulu via a standard remote control. It is currently available for both Windows and Mac.

It would be better if we could just use all the features from with in Vista or Windows 7 Media Center but at least this is a start. There are other solutions for Hulu in media center such as PlayOn with the vmcPlayIt Media Center add on but this new Hulu Desktop gives you a much richer navigation experience.

Hulu – Labs: Hulu Desktop.

Sites that I found interesting for May 26th 2009 through May 27th 2009:

  • Hide Media Center Start Menu Strips – This handy little app gives you easy access to what menu strips are displayed through a couple of menus. The program supports both Vista and Windows 7, automatically detecting which version suites your current setup.
  • Aspera brings faster file downloads to Media Companies – The solution work best with companies who transfer large amounts of data across a network such as a media company. An example would be a media company who is transferring a 1GB file from Asia to the USA. On a gigabit link with normal ftp and 10ms delay this would take over 6 minutes with an average pipe speed of 21.8 mb. With the Aspera solution it takes 16 second with an average pipe speed of 509mb.
  • Free GPS app gives full GPS functionality for BlackBerry – GPSLogger is a free piece of software that records your GPS location on your BlackBerry, including elevation and speed. Additionally, GPSLogger is able to guide you to a previously recorded location using the “Guide me Home” feature.

IGN has some pre-E3 news from Microsoft confirming the expected Zune HD. It looks pretty sweet based on photos on IGN’s site.

According to today’s announcement, the Zune HD, which will launch this fall, will feature an operating system based on Windows CE infrastructure, an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) touch screen display, high-definition video support and output via external dock, and a digital radio tuner.

via IGN: Pre-E3 2009: Microsoft Zune HD Confirmed.

Sites that I found interesting for May 20th 2009 through May 25th 2009:

  • AT&T tips 32GB iPhone 3G through BlackBerry trade-in program – As part of AT&T’s efforts to get the BlackBerry Bold in as many hands as possible, the carrier has posted an as-yet non-existent 32GB iPhone 3G as being worth $355 when traded-in for a BlackBerry Bold.
  • Kyocera Brings Solar to Prius Rooftops – Kyocera has won a deal to supply Toyota with solar panels for the new Prius.
  • MediaInfo – Get technical information and tags of a lot of multimedia files. Supported formats : – Video : AVI/OGM/MKV/MPG/VOB/MP4/3GP/… – Audio : MP3/OGG/MKA/MP4/AAC/…

Sites that I found interesting for May 18th 2009 through May 20th 2009:

  • Windows 7 Virtual WiFi lets you connect to multiple hotspots – VWiFi will allow hardware adapters to act as separate WiFi adapters, thus giving the computer the ability to connect to multiple hotspots simultaneously. One of the most useful things you could do with VWiFi is to connect to a WiFi hotspot and also share the connection simultaneously with other laptops. via @windows7center on Twitter
  • Ramp Up – Ramp Up is a free, online, community-based learning program that will help you build professional development skills. via @Jere_Jones on Twitter
  • BookMooch: exchange books and trade them, like a book swap or book barter – BookMooch lets you give away books you no longer need in exchange for books you really want.

Starting tomorrow, Windows Media Center users who are also Netflix members will gain access to more than 12,000 movies and TV episodes from Netflix directly within Windows Media Center on their PCs.

This is really cool. There have been ways to do this in the past but they were a bit of a kludge. Native support from Netflix will be awesome. No word yet on Windows 7 support but that has to be coming soon.

via Netflix comes to Windows Media Center – Windows Experience Blog – The Windows Blog.