Sites that I found interesting for March 26th 2009 through March 30th 2009:

Sites that I found interesting for March 24th 2009 through March 26th 2009:

Sites that I found interesting for March 23rd 2009 through March 24th 2009:

Sites that I found interesting for March 18th 2009 through March 20th 2009:

Sites that I found interesting for March 16th 2009 through March 18th 2009:

There are some web sites out there that make things hard to read. I don’t mean for quick browsing. Most of us who have been using the web for any length of time have trained ourselves to get the gestalt of a page fairly quickly. I mean for time when you really want to read an news or other type of long article.

Over at arc90 they have a new lab experiment where they have created a bookmarklet that you install easily in your browser. Then, when surfing to a page that you want to read for a while, you click the bookmarklet and instantly the page changes to a much more readable format.

Here is a quick video they put together to visually explain what they are doing.

Readability : An Arc90 Lab Experiment from Arc90 on Vimeo.

You can get the bookmarklet here: Readability

Sites that I found interesting for March 13th 2009 through March 14th 2009:

  • Grapevine – From the About page: The Grapevine was first planted in February 2009 and immediately sprouted two branches. One is for businesses and business people to listen to the river of information streaming through the social web at ever increasing volumes as more companies and voices join the conversation. The other is for pleasure whether it be art, literature, sport or music all are connected together through The Grapevine.
  • 7 Ways to Send photos to Twitter
  • The Brick Testament – The Bible, illustrated with scenes made with Lego. Cool.

Sites that I found interesting for March 10th 2009 through March 13th 2009:

There are so many articles around about how to find people to follow on Twitter. It is never clear to me why people are searching for some kind of instant friends list. You didn’t show up at school and get a Xeroxed list of people titled “Your New Friends.” It is the same on Twitter. There really is only one good way and it is mind numbingly easy. Go into your Twitter notifications settings andreplies check it from the default (Show me @ from the people I am following) to Show me all @ replies. Save. Done.

I hear you scratching your head. How could this help? Because you will start to see people you follow talking to other people. Granted, until you follow that other person you will only see one side of the conversation but things start to look interesting and you’ll click through to find out more about that new person and then start following and being part of the conversation. Then those new people follow a slightly different circle of friends and you see them talking and add another. And so on and so on. Get it? It is all about finding people naturally.

One simple change. No need to learn anything new. Start following people you are actually interested in following. Make it your own micro community.

Twitter Replies Summary

  • A reply in Twitter is any Tweet that you start with @username.
    You can reply to anyone even if they don’t follow you.
  • Anytime you create a Reply in the proper way (see #1), the reply will always show up in the Replies tab of the person you are replying to.
  • This is true if the person follows you or not and regardless of their reply settings.
  • Putting @username in other places in your Tweet is common courtesy when you are referring to someone else on Twitter but is NOT considered a reply in any way.

Tips on reply settings

  • To keep your recent time line clutter free, set your reply settings to “no @ replies”. Replies to you will always show up in your Replies tab.
  • To keep up with conversations with mutual friends, set your reply settings to “@ replies only to those I am following” (default setting)
  • To follow all conversations and have more potential to find more Twitter friends, set your reply settings to “all @ replies.” (This is the setting I recommend in this post)

Sites that I found interesting for March 8th 2009 through March 10th 2009:

  • A Hidden Message inside Lincoln's Pocket watch – Watchmaker Jonathan Dillon inscribed a message inside Lincoln's Pocketwatch. Just a Dillon family legend until today. Cool!
  • Verizon Customers – Just Say No! – Weinberger, unlike the majority of us who rarely read the associated paraphernalia that arrives with bills and the like, noticed that Verizon's modus operandi was to share Customer Proprietary Network Information – the data created as a result of your relationship with Verizon Wireless – unless you ask them to stop.
  • French town of Eu to change name because of Google searches – The French town of Eu is planning to change its name after failing to attract potential tourists on the internet.