Sites that I found interesting for September 22nd 2008 through September 29th 2008:

  • TIVO new User Interface in testing, features Picture in Guide – Tivo is cooking up a user interface with a complete new look- Featuring Picture in Guide (PIG) with ability to display picture while peruse user guide.
  • TV Pack 2008 and Beta MSDTVVDEC.DLL – The Beta of Windows Vista TV Pack was able to play h.264 HD channels. This is needed in Europe and other places that encode HD in that MPEG4 format. US uses Mpeg2. The problem is, Microsoft took out h.264 support when they released the TV Pack (Actually, only OEMs can get the TV Pack but there are downloads floating around). Anyway, some guys over at The Green Button have hacked the DLL needed to get h.264 working again by working around the time bomb that was put in the beta DLL.
  • Comcast Discloses Throttling Practices – Wired reports that Comcast finally provided information on its network management practices late Friday. In a report to the FCC (PDF), the cable company admitted to targeting P2P protocols Ares, BitTorrent, eDonkey, FasTrack, and Gnutella.

For some reason I have always been fascinated by Stonehenge. I’ve managed to get there 2 times so far and I live 6000 or so miles away. In this video, BBC News reports that archaeologists working at Stonehenge say they have pinpointed the date of its construction.

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Sites that I found interesting for September 18th 2008 through September 22nd 2008:

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Sites that I found interesting for September 17th 2008 through September 18th 2008:

Sites that I found interesting for September 15th 2008 through September 17th 2008: