Sites that I found interesting for August 26th 2008 through August 28th 2008:

Sites that I found interesting for August 20th 2008 through August 26th 2008:

  • Microsoft Photosynth creates 3D panoramas from 2D photos – Kudos to Microsoft for rolling out a tool that's likely to amuse you for hours on end: It's called Photosynth, and it's free for everyone with a Windows Live or MS Passport account.
  • American Offers In-Flight Internet – American Airlines passengers will now have Wi-Fi access on some flights. The airline said Wednesday that it has finally launched its in-flight Internet access service via Wi-Fi on 15 of its 767-200 airplanes. The service, called Gogo, will be offered on nonstop flights between New York and San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, and New York and Miami. The cost is $12.95 per flight. Passengers will be able to sign up when they boot up their browsers.
  • Apple hit with class-action lawsuit over iPhone 3G flakiness – A lawsuit has been filed against Apple over what the plaintiff is referring to as the "Defective iPhone 3G," which she hopes will become a class-action complaint. Alabama resident Jessica Alena Smith filed the complaint yesterday against the iPhone maker, alleging that the new iPhone's 3G performance and reliability has been subpar, despite the claims made by Apple's aggressive marketing campaign. Considering that a true fix has yet to be issued for users' 3G problems, this could just be the tip of the iPhone lawsuit iceberg.
  • TweetDeck – TweetDeck is an Adobe Air desktop application that is currently in public beta. It aims to evolve the existing functionality of Twitter by taking an abundance of information i.e twitter feeds, and breaking it down into more manageable bite sized pieces.
  • The 2008 Olympics Built out of Lego – Models of the Olympics in China made out of Lego! More than 300,000 Lego bricks and 4,500 Lego people were used to create the display, by the Hong Kong Lego User Group.

The first session at Gnomedex 8 this past weekend was about how to take great photos. The session was lead by Kris Krug. Gnomedex pal and self described non-photographer, Sarah Prevette asked if she could try out her newly learned skills with my camera. She took these pictures of me which are pretty good in light of the fact that I didn’t show her how to change any of the settings on my camera and the lighting at our conference table was not optimal.

CRW_6627 CRW_6628

By the way, Sarah founded and is the Founder and Managing Director of RedWire. RedWire, which helps you with strategic professional networking, is launching soon. If you are an entrepreneur go sign up now to be notified when it gets launched.

Sites that I found interesting for August 18th 2008 through August 19th 2008:

Sites that I found interesting for August 16th 2008 through August 18th 2008:

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