I just installed the new 2.0 beta of Google Maps for Mobile (GMM). This has a cool new feature called ‘My Location’. If, like me, your phone doesn’t have a built in GPS, GMM uses the signals from the mobile phone system towers to triangulate you coordinates.

I downloaded the app via the browser on my Blackberry. It knew I had version 1.6 and asked me if overwriting was ok. No problems.

Once I ran the program it showed my location as about 3 streets over from where I actually am. There is a dark blue dot showing the center of where it thinks you are followed by a light blue circle for the area you could be. GPS users will get an accurate location.

You can then get directions and GMM will ask if you want to use your My Location as the starting point.  For non-GPSers that isn’t really that helpful unless you kind of know the area and realize that it might be starting you from 3 streets away from were you physically are.

I did try a search of Pizza and it gave me a cool list of all the pizza places and Italian restaurants. I could call the number right from the list or display all the pins on the map and get directions if I wanted.


This video explains it all nicely:


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Keeping your information private in the Internet is getting harder and harder. Last weeks episode of the Security Now! podcast outlined how even Paypal is getting a little shady and redirecting links through doubleclick.net. It’s really crazy. Just about all their links contain redirection.

The whole topic is a little complex but to show you what I am talking about, this image is from before you even log in to PayPal (click to enlarge):


You’ll see the first part of the URL sends you through doubleclick.net (everything to the left of the ‘?’ in the URL).

Fortunately, as mentioned during the podcast, Firefox users have the wonderful Greasemonkey extension. I’ve created a script called Doubleclick Relinker. This script takes all those links and strips off the redirection and rewrites them so they only contain the real link.


The script is designed to work on any page with doubleclick redirection links, not just PayPal. Give it a go. I have tested it but not extensively. If you modify it, let me know.

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US Shoppers, start your engines! ‘Black Friday’ is upon us!

Chris Pirillo has been gathering all the latest Black Friday deals. Some cover the whole weekend or further so check ’em out if you are interested.


Check back on Chris’ page for updates.

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The new 4GB, 8GB and 80GB Zunes come with preloaded content. But what happens if you deleted it for some reason? Or some crash occurs? Or you don’t have a Zune? Well, thankfully Microsoft gives you a way to get it back. Or get it in the first place 🙂

All the details can be found in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article KB945035. Or just go download the 410MB zip file from:


via istartedsomething

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