There are a few sites on the Internet that have been compiling books that are no longer in copyright. One of the oldest is Project Gutenberg. Basically you get to download full books in text format that you can read on your PC or handheld. A lot of the books are classics like Moby Dick or Pride and Prejudice. I’ve often thought they would be handy to have for school kids to search though for a research project. You’d still have to read the book but it would save time trying to find the passage you want to reference.

I’ve found a service called DailyLit. Like Project Gutenberg DailyLit contains books in the public domain and goes a step further by including those books that are on-line under Creative Commons. The cool part is you can subscribe to a book via email or RSS. You can schedule what day (daily or a certain day in the week) and time you want your email or feed update. No registration required unless you want to participate in their forums.


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